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ULC Seminary Online Ministers' Reference

Our ULC Community offers support and guidance to other ministers.

This is the Seminary's Community Section. This is the category where you, as a minister with the ULC, get to add to be a part of the site. From here, you can, share ideas in the forum (ULC Discussion Board), look at the live news feed that will keep you up to date on relgious news around the world, and help bring our spiritual community closer. If you have a question or would like to discuss an issue of concern, there is no better place to look for an answer than by turning to the wisdom of our ministers.

Please take the time to put yourself into our directory of ministers. We have tightened our security to keep your email address out of the hands of spammers, so we can make it available to other ministers and people in need of ministers. The ministers in the directory have added themselves. We don't automatically add ministers, since for some, the decision to be a minister is private and motivated by deeply personal reasons. We wish to respect that, so we allow ministers the freedom to add themselves.

The other great thing about our directory is that by you adding yourself, we can show the world the power of our numbers and that the Universal Life Church in general, and the ULC Seminary specifically is a valid and much respected church. Our goal, at the Seminary, is to increase the knowlege and respectability of all ULC ministers worldwide.

The other areas in this section include our poetry section, as well as our wonderful collection of ceremonies, which have been submitted by our ministers. We have wedding, funeral, pagan and 'other' ceremonies. We have a large section of stories from our ministers too, which talk about their experiences with weddings, funerals and other services, as well as inspirational stories and stories that talk about how some of our ministers got started. We also have some interesting stories from people's lives -- commentary stories.

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