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Universal Life Church - ULCUniversal Life Church - ULCBelow you will find the titles and links to a whole list of sermons that have been submitted to us at guestsermon@ulcseminary.org and we thought you might be interested in. The sermon topics on the list are wide and varied and talk about topics that are spiritual in nature and not necessarily related to any particular religious doctrine.

Universal Life Church - ULCUniversal Life Church - ULCThe views expressed in these sermons belong solely to the authors, but as ULC ministers, we know you value the different viewpoints of others and can use them as a starting point for meaningful discussions. The sermons listed here are primarily Spiritual in their origins. We look forward to reading your sermons here as well and hope to see the concepts talked about between yourselves on the ULC forum. You are welcome to access for the ULC forum at any time and see what's happening there. If you've written a sermon and aren't comfortable posting it on the main site, please feel free to post your sermon there to be read by all those who visit the Seminary forum.

Universal Life Church - ULCUniversal Life Church - ULCIf you have a sermon you’d like to submit to appear in the Guest Sermon section, please send it in the body of the e-mail to guestsermon@ulcseminary.org. Let me know please whether you think it would fit into the Spiritual Guest Sermon, the Religious Guest Sermon or the Pagan Guest Sermon page.

Universal Life Church - ULCUniversal Life Church - ULCWe also have a feature where you can have sermons sent to you on a weekly basis by email. These 'sermons' aren't all sermons. Most of them are more like spiritual writings and/or lessons. If you are interested in spiritual growth and spiritual matters, this free subscription would be of interest to you.


Universal Life Church Online Sermons & Free Minister Training

Christian Sermons - This section has a large list of Christian sermons, written by our ministers or found on the internet. You are also welcome to sign up to have them mailed to you every week.


Chapel - From the chapel page, you can access other types of sermons, as well as other church-related information, such as that which is listed below. Start a church, get activities for your Sunday School class and more!

Sunday School - This section is primarily Christian-related, since I don't know that Pagans have any sort of Sunday school, but you are welcome to look through this and see if there are lessons that may be of interest. You can also sign up to have some emailed to you every week.

Starting A Church - In this section, you can learn to start a church of any type, using the ULC name or a name of your choice. There are many sections that you can go to which will have samples of the various types of forms required to start a church of your own. You can use these pages as templates to get your own information together.

Free Mailings - We are very active about keeping in touch with our ministers, so we send out a regular free newsletter full of tips and ideas, kind words mailings, course samples and more. This is a great please to keep track of what's going on at the ULC in general and ways to improve your knowledge and your ministry.

Pagan Sermons - I know that Pagans don't have services and 'sermons' in the same sense that other religions do, but this section has a number of writings about what it is to be a Pagan minister. You may, of course, please send your own writings to add to it. When there are enough of them, we will add it as an option to mail them weekly.

FAQs - The ULC Seminary has an extensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions, both about our church and about a variety of other religions. These have been submitted by ministers of those faiths, so if you would like to submit some or see things you'd like corrected, please let me know.

FORUM - The ULC has an active forum where students can post their lesson work or discuss their classes, as well as just engage in disucssions with other ministers. It's free to sign up for and you can find topics of all types listed here. Please join us to talk and debate (politely) with other ministers.

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1.  The Power of Understanding

2.  Peace = Understanding and Respect

3.  Miracles Are Everywhere

4.  Believing in God

5.  Unconditional Love

6.  Unconditional Love Pt. 2

7.  The Atonement Truth

8.  People keep asking me what I Worship, and what I am a Minister and Preacher FOR.

9.  Being In The Moment

10.  God's Plan

11.  The Religion of God

12.  You Were Born To Be Happy

13.  Open Your Own Doors

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