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By Scott Phillips
In A Moment
In a moment life can change.
Sunday afternoon my wife and I were headed to a birthday party for a sweet young girl in the church. As I was headed out, I picked up my two year old and discovered that either he was carrying a dead rat in his pocket, or he had a very dirty diaper. Becky, my sweet wife, gathered him in her arms from mine and we went back inside.
The other two boys, Keaton and Nate were excited about riding in my new/old truck. So they were in the backseat. I walked outside and thought, "I will back up the truck so my wife don't have to walk on the dirt when she comes out." So I look in my mirrors to be sure we are not about to destroy another tricycle and backup about five feet. When, I look in front of me, Noah is standing there crying because he thought we were going to leave him. In a moment, life stops and I realize all in one moment, life could have changed.
When I got out and picked him up, he was all smiles, but there were heavy thoughts running through my mind that made me shudder. When the excitement died down, my wife was now in the truck and we are ready to go, I stop and we all say a prayer of thanksgiving, that that moment did not happen.
How many times do these moments come in our lives and we don't even know it? This is the first time I have felt quite like I did.
Even now as I think about it, it makes me appreciate the fact I know Noah is finally asleep after a long day running, playing, and being a little boy. There in the darkness you can hear his steady breathing and I know it is another day to be thankful for.
I am sure some of you have experienced those moments when your life changed. I have stood by as I watched people I love go through these times. I am not sure the moments you have faced and the pain that they brought with them, but I want you to know in that Moment, is when nothing else matters. The things we dream about, fade.
The things we want to do are forgotten and the things that are truly important come into focus.
Everything is temporary. What seems new, will get old. What you want, when you get it will no longer register value on the radar. However, there are some things that really do matter.
Today, take a moment and savor the things you have to be thankful for. Because, in a moment when your not expecting we will meet the Lord. Either in death or the rapture, in a Moment, everything will change. Tragedy will become triumph. Loss will equal gain.
Sickness will result in health. Trials will transform into trophies. In a moment, time will become eternity, and tears will be gone, hearts will be mended and old acquaintances will be renewed.
It will be worth it,
It will make sense,
It will seem like something so small,
In a Moment.
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