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Remembering Heaven

by Rev. Ron Koch

Have you ever wonder if Heaven really exists?  Have you wondered if you are qualified to go to Heaven when you die? I also wonder about whether there is an afterlife a heaven for me or not.

The older I get the more curious I become as to what heaven is really like and if there is one. I even have a lot of questions as to what my physical life was meant to accomplish.  Did I come to the earth plain just to have a somewhat painful childhood?  Did I come hear to teach kids from 12 to 75 electronics. Is there more to life than just trying to live from day to day the best I can? I believe that the real reason for my earthly life was to learn how to love and be loved.  It's been difficult learning how to love myself and others because I received so little love as I was growing up.  Maybe that's why I feel so strongly for people who have so much less than I have.

The majority of people in this world have had very trying lives.  They experience trials and tribulations that are far more devastating than anything that I've experienced, and yet, Roy Mills says that "problems help us to grow spiritually". Through problems and being able to solve them as we use our free will helps us to grow spiritually.

I think about the people living in slums, displaced by wars and those who have to dig through garbage dumps looking for something edible just to survive.  The people also search for something they could salvage and sell hoping to be able to buy something to eat.  Why do people choose such a pathetic way of life?  Then I remembered the story that Roy Mills talked about in his book titled "The Soul 's Remembrance", he was told that we all have free will, a gift from God. It is because we have free will that some spirit people preparing for a physical life believe that being poor well provide them with greater spiritual growth.  It is a personal choice that they make before incarnating.

Roy talked about the life he was embarking upon and its hardship and pain, the life that he was shown while still in Heaven. Yes, he was shown what his life would be like in the physical world.  He was also told that the things he observed could be changed by using his free will. By using his free will he could choose not to make wrong choices and and avoid suffer their consequences, it would be up to him.  But one thing that Roy talked about is the fact that he would forget all the things that he was shown in Heaven after he incarnated.

Roy said "Forgetfulness is part of God's plan, because if we could keep talking to angels and remember heaven every waking moment, we would limit the earthly experiences we are meant to have by constantly choosing what is right.  And so much of what we must learn and experience comes from making the wrong choice and suffering because of it. We must have the innocence and experience of childhood in order to gain knowledge and grow.  And sometimes those experiences are painful. The most important part of every earthly mission is that growth often comes from our most bitter trails".

Roy even talked about meeting God during his preparation for incarnate.  Roy asked God to allow him to remember his life in heaven and be able to tell humanity what heaven is like.  Roy described heaven or the Spirit World as being "very bright, filled with white light. Even the people and angels there glow with the same pure light. In fact, everything in heaven radiates light. It is impossible to accurately describe heavenly things with earthly language, because there just aren't words to describe how great they are. Heaven is the most beautiful place ever seen".

While in heaven he asked the angel, who was preparing him for life in the physical world, about what happens to those people who make wrong choices called sins. He was happy to hear that "The Spirit Father never turns anyone away once their earthly lives are over, because we are His children, and there in nothing we can do to make Him stop loving us. He wants all of us to come home. But He also honours the free will He gave us". Even though "Some people choose to live in the darkness after they die, and are afraid that God will not forgive all the sins they had committed. When that happens, God does not force them to come back. He just keeps loving them, hoping they respond to His love and choose to come home. The choice is always ours".

While I read Roy Mills book, I re-read the first few verses of the Book of Genesis and noted that it says that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Then I remembered the words of Christ who said in John 14:2 "In my Father's house, heaven, there are many places to live in; otherwise I would have told you. I am going now to prepare a place for you" (NJB). God has prepared a place for you and me. We are all going to heaven to occupy one of the many rooms-places to live in that Jesus talked about.

After reading a number of books on the afterlife, I have come to the conclusion that heaven does exist and that we all go there when our physical lives are over. It doesn't matter whether we are criminals or saints we are all going to heaven. A fact proven through the research of numerous scholars in time past. Like so many people in this physical world, I wish I could remember heaven as Roy Mills did. But I'm satisfied that I've done the majority of tasks I planed on accomplishing in this physical world and that God has prepared a place for me and I'm going there when this old body says good-bye to me. There are a few more task for me to complete before I go, then I'll remember heaven.

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