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UNIVERSAL MOTION STUDIES Universal Motion Studies This course has three levels: Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate. All three will look at the same lessons, but will delve into them at different levels and for different periods of time. This is an invitation-only course. The Program of Universal Motion Studies looks at the concept of three: Body, Mind and Spirit and how we can apply physical concepts of motion to spiritual concepts of growth. Physical and spiritual concepts can become in alignment by preparing yourself mentally. All three things must remain in balance for growth to occur. By working with the physical, through acts such as martial arts and yoga, you can prepare your body. With the use of affirmations and different thought patterns, you can clear your mind, and through the use of developing Chi, earth, and cosmic energy and specific meditation techniques, you can bring your spiritual energy into harmony. This program is based on the teachings of Ed Parker, but this course of studies has a variety of instructors. We will not be teaching martial arts or yoga, but will instead use the study of movement to help reach higher levels of spiritual consciousness. This course will consist of 20 lessons, emailed to your mailbox every week. At the end of the course, each student will be required to present a thesis on what they have learned from this course. The main focus of this course is the study of Moving Meditation. The program is based on the Universal Pattern: A three dimensional pattern of movements that can be found throughout many cultures and more recently developed by Ed Parker as a directional key to movement.  This extensive pattern is a useful learning tool to enhance students' knowledge of motion.  It is also a design that can aid you in systematically understanding the interrelationship of linear and circular movements and the paths in which they travel.  Once understood it can be applied to physical as well as spiritual concepts.  As you learn to correlate moves within the pattern, alternative moves become instinctive and spontaneous.  You must not, however, get caught up in the manner of study, but the reasons involved within the study. – Adapted from the words of Ed Parker.

"The idea for the Web of Knowledge came to me twenty six years ago in Hawaii as I observed a spider constructing a web.  As I watched the spider meticulously build this ingenious trap for his survival, I pondered the difficulties in learning the intricacies of the martial arts.  Suddenly, I was struck with an idea.  Could I not, from this perfect design created by our Supreme Being, construct an intellectual trap -- a trap that would aid in retaining knowledge? Surely, if one web could be constructed to ensnare victims, couldn’t a similar one be devised to ensnare knowledge?”

-- Ed Parker

The subjects listed below are all part of this program, along with several others not mentioned. For the full curriculum, you'll want to sign up for this course. 1. Body Harmony: All parts of one's body functioning as a single unit will greatly increase mental focus. These concepts will be discussed in terms of their use in moving meditation. 2. Relaxation – Body tension can be caused or be as the result of mental tension. Through the use of meditation techniques, the ability to go from relaxed to being on point immediately can be achieved. This lesson discusses simple meditation techniques that can be used in a variety of situations. 3. Kinesiology: The study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement. We’re going to look at the very basics of how this works on a spiritual level. 4. Accuracy – Physically, being accurate in your intentions. Mentally and spiritually, this discourse will discuss how to get what you want and to know what you need. 5. Meditation: Mental relaxation used to eliminate outside distractions. Once accomplished, one can more fully concentrate on important matters. We will discuss a variety of meditation techniques. 6. Economy of Motion – In this discourse we will be discussing the economy of physical motion. We waste physical motion all the time. We can learn to economize our physical motions, making them more efficient and using the same principles and concepts, we can apply them to our thoughts as well. Spiritual growth can more easily be attained if we are not wasting our motion on things of unimportance. 7. Timing – The importance of timing both on a physical and spiritual level. All things are in the right time. This lesson discusses how you can use the same principles and concepts of physical timing with relation to lessons of a spiritual nature. Being ready physically for spiritual acts. 8. Telegraphing – How often in life do we telegraph? This lesson discusses how we physically telegraph our movements. How do we do that in relationships and can we adjust this on a mental level as well? 9. Coordination - Learning the essentials of coordinating your motion with your emotion. 10. Focus -Black Dot Focus: The visualization of a black dot on a white background which represents total awareness. We are not only aware of the object of our immediate focus, but our entire surrounding environment as well. 11. Power- Developing Chi energy. Physical power, mental power and spiritual power. Chi/Ki: Power generated when body, mind, and spirit are unified. It involves the total synchronization of mind, breath, and physical ability to achieve maximum results. It is that extra inner force created by the precise synchronization of the conscious and subconscious. The meditation CD will assist you in this. 12. Momentum – Discussing the principles and concepts of creating spiritual momentum, as well as getting our mind geared up to accept it. All must be in balance. 13. Transition – This discourse will discuss transitions --how to handle physical transitions, emotional transitions and spiritual transitions. 14. Point of Origin – How to create and move from where you are. Staying in present time on a spiritual level and physically, the study of how to move from right where you are. 15. Theory of 3 – body mind and spirit. The Dragon: Represents spiritual strength, humility, and self-restraint. It represents the ultimate stage of personal development. Complete Harmony: Mind, body, and spirit working in complete unison. 16. Active Ki: The harmonious unification of the conscious and subconscious minds, synchronized with physical movement and proper breathing to achieve a desired goal that may otherwise seem unobtainable. This concept is routinely evidenced in athletes that over-excel in their performance. Top page
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