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Noah's Ark - Ages 4-6

By Rev. Donna Baydak  


Welcome the children and opening prayer----------------------5 minutes

Good morning, God. We hope you are having a great day so far. We are really happy that you are with us today and every day, watching over us as we play and grow. Please also take care of our parents as they try to guide us and teach us what we need to know.

God also please help the children of this world who are not as lucky as we are. We are still too young to be your helpers, but as the little sapling grows into a tall oak and provides shelter, one day, with your help, we will grow into young adults who can go out into your world and do your works.

Have a wonderful day, God



Story time-----------------------------------15 minutes

Read the story of Noah’s Ark from an age appropriate children’s bible story text with pictures. When reading about the animals going into the ark, ask the children for some examples of animals that might have been included and get them to make the sound of that animal.


Game Time-----------------------------10 minutes

Preparation for this requires making enough sets of animal cards for the class. Using poster board and string, make pairs of cards with pictures of animals and their names. Put a string through each long enough to hang around a child’s neck. In the classroom, set up a few chairs and drape a large sheet over them like a tent.

Place a card around each child’s neck in front of them. The object of the game is to find the person whose card matches yours. When they do, the pairs go and sit in the ark (under the sheet). Play it a couple of times depending upon amount of time needed. You could give out rewards for finding their partner. A suggestion would be a small plastic toy representing which animal they were.



Message for the day drawing time----------------------------20 minutes

Preparation requires drawing or copying a picture of an ark onto a larger piece of paper (8x10 approx) and printing enough for the class. On the top of the page should be the message of the day. Today’s message is “We are all special to God”.

Each child is given a paper and told to draw in what they would take on the ark with them. These drawings are to take home with them.


Closing Prayer and goodbyes---------------------------------5 minutes

Dear God… as we go home to enjoy the great day you have given us, we want to tell you that we love you and are glad you will always be there to talk to when we need you. Please help us to always be here for you when you need us. Amen


All allotted times include cleanup and/or transition time and are just guidelines. If a particular planned event is needing more time, be flexible.


Submitted by: Donna Baydak

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