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Sunday School Lesson

Supplies needed.
Large sketching paper. 
Color pencils.  

Initiate the class by  informing the children that you, as the instructor, would like them to help you draw a picture of your day at the beach.   Explain to them that you are not very artistic and state that the image they created would be framed to hung in the class for the rest of the year. 

Instructor.   State that the first thing you would like to express in the artwork is that your trip began in darkness of the night and ended in the light of the day.   Suggest that by shading the upper portion of half of the white paper would demonstrate the effect of darkness vs. lightness.  Have on of the children shade the paper. 

Instructor.   Tell the children that the second thing you noticed when arriving at the beach was that off in the distance the sky seemed to meet the water.  The only thing that separated the two was a line.  To illustrate the idea to them draw a line on the paper just below the shaded area.  Extend the line completed across the paper. Instructor.  Explain to the children that the third  thing  you  noticed was that the water and the dry sand also formed a line.  Again draw a line across the paper that extends from side to side.  Point out  the area between the two lines and state that this was  about  the level of the water. 


Tell the class  this is really where you needed  help with the drawing.  Ask one the class members to pick a color for the water and shade in the area on the paper.  Request that another  choose a different color  for the sand or dry land and have her or him color in that area. Instructor.  After looking at the shaded piece of paper ask the children what would make the darkened area look more like the night and what would help someone identify the light area of the day.  Guide the class into answering the sun, moon and stars.  Again have three different children draw images of the mentioned on the sketch.   After the children complete the images, state yes that the moon, stars in the  and sun in the was the fourth thing you noticed  on your beach day. 

Instructor.  Tell the children that the fifth feature you wanted included in the drawing was the birds that you saw in the sky and the different fish you noticed in the water.   Again have different members of the class sketch images of  birds and fish on the illustration. 

Instructor.  Inform the children that the sixth thing noticed on the beach was people playing with their animals and that if you became to warm you  could cool off by sitting on a bench shaded by trees and surrounded by flowers and grass.   Since the things mentioned were apart of you beach day, ask different children to draw, people, animals, trees, flowers and grass on the drawing. 

Instructor.   Let the children know that watching all the activity around you make you tired so the seventh and last thing you did on the beach trip was rest.   Since you decided to rest that would be the best place to say the drawing was complete. 

At this point , inform the children that before starting the Bible lesson for the day you needed to review the lesson.   Ask the children to review the picture they created while you  were looking over your notes. After a few minutes state that  while looking over your notes you discovered a marvelous thing the children just accomplished.   State that even though the class  completed a drawing of your beach day,  stress that they imaged the way God created  all.   To show the comparison  different children read the seven days of creation while others point out  the areas on the drawing that correspond to the days. 

1. Day/light-night/darkness
2.  Firmament
3.  Water/land
4.  Sun/Moon/Stars
5. Birds/fish
6. Man/animal/vegetation
7. Rest   Conclude the lesson by stating that the title of the artwork would be  Gods creation of all. Artists names of the children in the class. 

Sunday School 1 - Art and drawing lesson about the 7 days of creation. Very few supplies needed.
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