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We are here today to bless and dedicate the home of



As you know, a home is more than merely a place of bricks and wood.  It is a haven from the pressures of the world outside.


This haven ….this home….serves as a place for [first name of family members]  to let down their guard, unburden themselves and enjoy the love and support of one another.


We are here today to bless and dedicate this home and surrounding space as a sanctuary for

[first name of family members] .




We dedicate this home to spiritual growth.

May each window and door let in the grace of God,

And may the voice of God speak gently whisper to you in this place


We gather together to bless this house and pray you will continue to grow spiritually here.


We dedicate this home to inspiration, truth and wisdom.

May you both learn something new and interesting each day.


  May the books herein bring wisdom,

                 the art convey beauty

and the music enrich you.


We bless this home and pray for it to be a special source of inspiration


We dedicate this home to love and understanding.

May happiness and sorrow be fully shared.

May the individuality of each person living here as well as those who visit – be appreciated.

We dedicate this home to love.


Love – IS THE ingredient that makes a house a home. 

Love must be the cornerstone.


We now ask the youngest member of the family to come forward and light the (youngsters favorite color) candle.   After the candle is lit I invite [name of youngest person] to tell us why he/she is thankful to move into this new home


Continue until each member of the family has hand the opportunity to light his or her special candle and express their gratitude for this new home.


[or whatever is appropriate for this family]

As the music is playing invite all in attendance to form a circle and join hands.


[First names of family members] it has been a long, torturous road to finally put your burden down…and have a HOME of your own….I would ask all present to offer a silent prayer at this time – for your happiness in this new dwelling.


And now – as we begin the celebration – let’s have some THUNDEROUS applause to signal a STRONG welcome to [First names of family members] in their new home!

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