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Universal Life ChurchHello!

Merry Meet! It has been my experience that Pagans love to share their ceremonies. Below you will find a variety of ceremonies by Wiccans and other Pagans. If you would like to share a Sabbat or other ceremony, please send it to amy@ulcseminary.org so we can post it for the benefit of all.

I am frequently struck by the generosity and goodwill shown by our Universal Life Church ministers and look forward to seeing all the you share with the Seminary. Please read through the ceremonies and use what works for you. If you find that you make changes and wish to share those, please do! I will happily post any ceremony submitted.

If you'd like to share a ceremony of any kind that you've written, please send it to amy@ulcseminary.org and let me know that you'd like it posted. We offer wedding ceremonies, funeral sermons, Pagan material and more at this site and it's here for your free use. The generosity of our ministers is unsurpassed and we hope you will give back to the Seminary by sending us one of your ceremonies or perhaps a story of your experiences to share with others.

Pagan Last Rites Ceremony submitted by Rev. Maggie Wahl:

Pagan Last Rite Ritual Items Needed: 1 yrd/mtr of Silver/White Embroidery Thread Boline or small pair of scissors Small bowl of water Anointing oil (myrrh, rose, or frankincense) White unused candle (lit and placed in the south) Start by placing the body in the center of the spot you wish to work in. If you wish you may cast a circle. Begin by standing on the south side of the body facing North. Place the end of the silver/white thread on the solar plexus of the body and the other end on the crown of the body. The priest/priestess moves there hands into the etheric aura of the body and states:

I ask the guardians of the North to break and remove all the earthly ties that bind the soul of (name of person) to this world, and the lower planes of existence.

The priest/priestess then cuts the thread and puts the knife/scissors down. They then move their hands over the body’s solar plexus (still within the aura), and visualizes the silver cord breaking. From this point on you are talking to the soul of person who has just died, who will now be present in the room.

(Person’s name), it is now time to leave this life and the planes of existence that accompany it. I ask you to turn to the west, the direction of initiation and death, and the home of your ancestral spirits. Look for the light that is the passage from this world to the next and those spirits who are waiting to guide you there.

The Priest/Priestess then walks around the body with hands moving into the emotional/mental auric field until they are facing west over the body.

I ask the guardians of the west to open the doors between this world and the world beyond so that the ancestors, friends and loved ones may be welcome in this place of passing to guide the soul of (departed name) towards the light that’s he/she seeks.

The Priest/Priestess takes the bowl of water and anoints the deceased’s lips. He/She then waves their hands within the emotional/mental auric field and visualizes parting from the physical body. Then addressing the soul of the person again:

(Persons name), as you leave this life and realm let those who have loved you guide you towards the lesser light that shall lead to the greater, for toward the south lies the dawning of the greater light and the extinguishing of the lesser. May you never thirst upon the journey that shall lead to your rebirth.

The Priest/Priestess moves around the body so that they are now facing south and can easily blow out the candle:

I ask the guardians of the South to assist (persons name) in extinguishing the lesser light that holds all ties to this realm and life, that he/she may see the greater light that calls from the realm of peace that is truly the dwelling place of the gods.

The Priest/Priestess blows out the candle, and addresses the soul of the deceased:

(Persons name), as together we have extinguished the lesser light, perceive now the greater light of the eastern sunrise that calls to you. Let all fear and regrets be left in this place and move toward the joy and happiness that await you. Let those who are with you embrace you with their love, and lead you to the home of the shining ones.

The Priest/Priestess moves around the body to face the east:

I ask the guardians of the east to show forth the glory of the light of rebirth that is between the realms of this world and the world of rest and renewal.

The Priest/Priestess anoints the body with oil on the third eye, and addresses the soul of the person:

(Persons Name), go forward now, free of all earthly ties into the embrace of the light that calls you free spirit that you are. Fear not, for those you are leaving will be with you in spirit, as you will always be with them. For you shall meet, know, remember, and love them again, in future lives to come.

The Priest/Priestess pulls the sheet or shroud, which is covering the body, over the head and says:

Farewell, dear friend. This rite is ended. Be blessed and be well.

It is not needed to banish the guardians, they will leave when they are ready.

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Pagan Ceremonies - Pagans of all types, especially Wiccans have a variety of different types of ceremonies and there are many of them posted here for your use. If you would like to share some ceremonies, please feel free to email amy@ulcseminary.org and I'd be delighted to post yours. Other Ceremonies - There are many types of ceremonies that people do for a variety of reasons. This page has a selection of ceremonies of unusual and interesting kinds. You may find some useful words to use and you are welcome to submit your own ceremony to be added here.


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