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Each of us felt at the very least - a momentary shock when we heard that [name of deceased] had died.   I know it is universal shock as none of us can quite wrap our minds around the events.  It takes zero imagination to visualize [name of deceased engaging in favorite activity]


With such images so vivid and so fresh in our minds…the fact we are gathered here for this purpose - seems surreal and quite impossible.


It is difficult to accept the reality and/or the finality of such a thing.  

We gather here, caught on that cusp…between the majesty of life and the mystery of death.


When a death occurs to someone so vibrant, so genial, so much a part of our tomorrow – we cannot abide that this is true, real or acceptable.


Perhaps there is lesson in a situation such as this for each of us.  Perhaps there is a reminder in this tragedy for us to REALLY LIVE….fully and completelyeach and every day. 


Perhaps and additional lesson is a change in our thinking.  Perhaps we should measure our success in life not so much by its length but by the depth of it.  Rather than the length or brevity of our life – we should judge the fullness of our life. 


If, that were to be the case, if we were to be judged on the FULLNESS of our lives –

 [name of deceased ] lived a very successful life.   He/she surely did know how to cram life full.   Full of things that mattered [time with kids/grandkids, favorite sport/hobby, favorite vacation destination, favorite spectator sport etc. ]


He/she filled his life with intellectual pursuits; he/she filled it with romance, and civility and order and leanness and yes, even succulence.    [select attributes appropriate to the deceased]


We came to admire just easily [name of deceased] appreciated the good things in life.     He/she enjoyed adventure, new experiences – especially [appropriate hobby of deceased] experiences. 


He/she would positively puff up with pride when [appropriate topic applicable to deceased]


If [name of deceased] touched your life (and he/she must have done so for you to be here) – he/she touched it deeply and permanently. 

 Recognizing his/her influence on your life… you need to allow yourself a moment of joy this day.  Joy that [name of deceased] touched you with his/her gentle self.   Without any apparent effort – [name of deceased] allowed us to like him/her and he/she liked us back.


Even though at this moment we are hurting.  This gathering also allows us a valuable opportunity for healing.  Right here. Right now.  Anytime there is a gathering in a sacred place for a common cause – the power of God is with us.  The Grace of God shines down upon us.  And whatever we ask – in faith – with proper intent will be granted to us.  So healing is not only possible it is likely.   Please take a moment to pray silently and share your hurt with God.   He is listening and prepared to help you.


PAUSE…great time to silently take a sip of water


I   invite you to continue praying and invite you in doing so to suspend skepticism.     

Allow yourself to close your eyes…and just allow yourself to catch your breath.   Please gently set aside any angst or anger that arrived here with you.   Gently let go of anything that keeps you from being open and receptive.  Let go of any preconceived notions you have about this church or any one in this church.   Please, for YOUR own healing – allow yourself to silently say hello to [name of deceased] in prayer.   Share the love you feel in your heart and share the sorrow at his/her passing.








At some future time

you will think of me

And cry.

Know this…


I now live where my kindred dwell.


I now rest in my seat of honor.


In now live in the house of happiness.


At some future time

you will feel doubt

and fear,

Remember this…



Hold on to what is good

…even if it is only a handful of earth.



Hold on to what you believe,

….even if it is a tree that stands by itself.


Hold on to what you must do,

….even if it is a long way away from here.


Hold on to life,

….even when it is easier to let go.


Hold on to my hand,

….even when I am away from you.



Heavenly Father & merciful God, we do not understand your plan.

In time – we might – but we do not need to understand it.

It is enough to know that YOUR will be done.


We place our trust in you.

We place our hope in you.


We place our faith in you.


And we thank you, Father – for allowing us to share [age of deceased] years with your very special child – [name of deceased].





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