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ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationHello!

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationWelcome to the funeral ceremonies section of the Universal Life Church Seminary website. We add funeral sermons here whenever possible, when people like you share your ceremonies with us. Several of the things here are poetry. It's always good to have a special poem to read during a funeral.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationIf you have any funeral information you'd like to share with other ULC ministers, please email them to me at Seminary. I'll get them posted as soon as possible.

ULC - Universal Life ChurchOnline OrdinationIf you are in need of a funeral ceremony immediately, we do have them available at the store and these can be emailed to you right away.

Funeral Ceremony List - Here is a list of the funeral ceremonies.


Wedding Words - Here are a collection of ceremonies for those preparing to do a wedding. We also have two books available through the church store. One is the yellow book  and the others are the two volumes of Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage.

Funeral Training : If you've never performed a funeral and are nervous about the particulars of performing one, this training section will help you with the basics of doing the ceremony, as well as some hints and tips to make the event go smoothly.
Pagan Ceremonies - Pagans of all types, especially Wiccans have a variety of different types of ceremonies and there are many of them posted here for your use. If you would like to share some ceremonies, please feel free to email amy@ulcseminary.org and I'd be delighted to post yours. Ceremony Book - If you need almost any kind of ceremony, chances are good it's in this book or its sequel.  You can order it by download or the hard copy of the book.


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