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January 2016


2016 is off to a flying start. I'm putting the t-shirts on sale again: https://store.ulc.net/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=tshirts. The shirts are on sale for $4.99. Limited stock, but a great price if we have your size. The Master of Chaplaincy Studies is on sale for $15 off! https://store.ulc.net/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=chaplaincy-studies

Read below about a special one-time offer for ministers!

UPCOMING MERGER! - I sent this message out last month, but I don't think it went through for everyone, so I'm sharing the info again. For well over a decade, Kevin Andrews (who runs ulc.net) and I have had a great working relationship. It has been progressing and is now at the point where we have decided to combine forces! There's so much craziness that has gone on in the ULC community since George (Br. Martin) took control of the monastery websites, then 'Br. Michael' started his own thing and mucked up the waters. Kevin and I decided it was time for some unity.

It will be happening over the next couple of months. You will notice that the stores will be merged into one. The courses will still be available, but now the HQ courses will count towards final graduation from the Seminary. The number of credits for each is still to be determined. More information about that will follow as things progress. All the mailings will continue, including the kind words, but from now on, they will be from both of us. Hopefully, the site will still get an overhaul.

On a side note, when I added those from Kevin's group to the newsletter and kind words mailings, the names didn't seem to transfer over correctly and either there is NO name listed or there is a full name. Please use the edit link to add your name properly in the 'fullname' line. If you fill out the full name and the first name, both will show on the kind words list. Please add your first name to the line that says 'fullname'. Yeah, I know it's not ideal, but I didn't set it up right when I started.


SPIRIT QUEST BOOK - As a one-time special offer for ministers, to celebrate this new merger, I'm offering the opportunity to order the Spirit Quest course as a book. Prior to this, only those who have taken the course for a degree were given the chance to get the entire course in a book format. I am now offering you,  the same chance. You won't get the degree for it, but you will get all the valuable information to have at your fingertips. This link will be good through the end of February (since the last mailing has some troubles, I'm extending the offer), so whether you have taken the course or not, this is the chance to get a copy of the book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/rev-amy-long/spirit-quest-a-metaphysical-journey/paperback/product-2440882.html

KIND WORDS: I've been sending out the weekly kind words for about 5 years now, I think. I have been rewarded ten thousand times over for sending them out. I get so many wonderful emails from you all and they make me smile. Throughout the time I've been sending them, I've been repeatedly urged to put them into a book. I was hesitent to do it because I like the idea of them being personalized and being sent one at a time, but I can't go against the flow forever and I recently caved to the demands. :) To that end, I am pleased to offer the Kind Words book. There are 184 kind words sayings in it. I sent out a note to the kind words list, as well as posting it on FB and I was overwhelmed by the quick response. This book is print on demand, so needs to be ordered directly from the printer. You can order it at: http://www.lulu.com/shop/amy-e-long/kind-words/paperback/product-22347963.html. It takes about a week and a half to get it, once you order it. When you get it, post a picture of yourself with it on our FB discussion page. That'll be fun.

If you aren't on my kind words mailing list, please go to http://www.ulcseminary.org/kindwords.php. They are free and they come weekly. A note about that too, please feel free to change the name and forward it to however many people you want. My goal in sharing them is to spread kindness and good vibes to as many places as possible. Put your own name at the bottom. I'm not looking for credit -- just the results. :)

LATEST LESSONS - My latest lessons seem to be related to parenting. Parenting is hard. It's especially hard when your teen really wants to move out, but we are all biding our time until college acceptance letters come in. I'm amazed at how stupid I have become in the last year or so. I'm suddenly ignorant and offensive and a bunch of words ending with 'ist'. It's a wonder I can get through my day. Mind you, nobody has ever said that about me before in my entire life, but being viewed through the lens of a teenager is eye-opening. There's an old joke that comes to mind about the parent who said that when his son turned 18, he viewed his father as ignorant in all things and was amazed, when he turned 22, how much his father had learned in such a short time. I miss the days when mom was great and all was well. I'm fairly confident that those days will return again, but transitions can be painful.

I've learned through my years that we all have a choice of learning through pain or wisdom. Learning through wisdom is the best choice, but is the least likely to happen. Learning through wisdom is when we know to look both ways before crossing the street because mom or dad says so. Learning through pain is deciding to look both ways because you got hit by a car when you didn't. If we all embraced learning through wisdom, we would all have very different life experiences. I wouldn't have gotten cancer because I would've just changed my diet, my mindset, and my spiritual outlook without a death threat. But I didn't because I'm human. Change is hard and even good change is stressful.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL - We have a great youtube channel that might interest you. https://www.youtube.com/user/ulcseminary. There are bunches of mini-sermons from me about a variety of topics.

FACEBOOK DISCUSSION PAGE - On another positive note, I finally figured out how to make an actual discussion page on FB. It's already gotten really active, so if you're a FB user, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1537737443165426/?fref=nf and click 'join'. It's a closed group, so you'll see all the posts as soon as one of the admins or I accept you in. Kevin's FB group is open to all of you as well. I will be sending out that info in the next mailing.

Quick reminder: If an email has no subject, I usually delete it unopened. If you ever get an email FROM me (or that looks like it is) and has no subject, delete it. I don't send emails with no subject or that only contain a link. And I only send attachments if it's something you requested.


In eternal gratitude,


-- Rev. Amy (And Rev. Kevin)

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