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UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH MAILINGS - DECEMBER 2009 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS - Not a lot of big news this month, other than some outstanding sales and just general well-wishes on my part to you. Just so you know, I'm very grateful to be able to be part of the ULC and to head up its seminary. I love being able to share in your lives, even if only in a small way, and I rejoice in hearing all the great things you all are doing. Thank you for being there


KIND WORDS - The kind words campaign has been a huge hit! On a whim, I decided to add all of our seminary students to the list. I think it was a good decision. I've sent out several emails so far and have gotten some great responses. As with all acts of kindness, it's selfish on my part. I feel so darn good every time I send one out that I grin for days. I can feel the well wishes coming back my way. If you haven't signed up for it yet, please do. It costs nothing and asks for nothing. The one thing I have found that surprised me was that I've had 5 or 6 people unsubscribe. I guess I'm curious as to why. Why wouldn't you want to hear some kind words coming your way. I like to get them, even the ones I wrote myself and sent myself. lol. Please sign up at any time.


It's available at www.ulcseminary.org/kindwords.php.


SALE ITEMS - For the month of December, I've decided to go all out and put a lot of stuff on sale. This is a great opportunity to get some things that you've been wanting from the Seminary, but didn't have the money for. I know the times are tough for everyone, so I thought a deep discount would be a great Christmas/holiday present that you can give yourself. There are going to be a lot of things on sale, so go to the sale section to view them all. If you have considered taking a course, this is the time because these are some great discounts on both courses and products.



NEW NAVIGATION - If you haven't dropped by the site in the last couple of weeks, be sure to check our new navigation bar. I spent a lot of time on it getting all the pages on the site listed in a comprehensive way. One of the suggestions you ministers have said to me was that it would be good if I could create an easier navigation. The sidebars helped, but I think the new drop-down menus will clarify things. I think it'll make it a lot easier for people to find what's on the site. Let me know what you think. Perhaps you'll find areas on the site that you didn't know existed!


NEW COURSE - I mentioned this last month, but I thought I'd throw it out again. This is a unique course in that the first installment of 6 is free. Dr. Louis Hook has put it together and because of his reputation, we have agreed to offer it here for you in this unusual format. The course is called: The Foundations of Traditionalist Theology One. There are six installments and you can order them one at a time. The first free section is available at OMEGA DAWN.


The degree will be a Master of Traditionalism.

The rest of the course can be ordered at: http://www.ulcseminary.org/store/product_info.php?products_id=209


TWITTER/FACEBOOK/MYSPACE - Just a reminder that we are now on all of these social networking sites. I'm still getting the hang of it. For those that aren't on Twitter, but want up to the minute info (such as there is), the Twitter box is on the front page of the site and it updates automatically.





Thanks for everything!


Rev. Amy Long Program Director


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