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Lesson #3 Of Church and State

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 08:46 PM

Comparative Religion

Lesson 3

Where is the line drawn between the separation of church and state? Is it appropriate for religious leaders to take political action publicly?

In my opinion there should be a very distinct separation of church and state. Both areas are vast and diverse, requiring very specialized skills. While one may be a master of all trades, it would be best that those who participate in each area, should hone their skills and become a master of their chosen career. It is in this way that each master can best serve his chosen area as a specialist. Due to the nature of religion, being very personal and the nature of politics being very diverse and out going there is a need to be keep these two facets separate. Both areas are extremely complicated and enmeshing the two would only serve to make matters even more complicated. The issues of religion are so very personal, public discussions and decisions about such personal matters should not be dealt with at the elected political level. It is my belief that elected politicians should be running matters of state, matters that benefit the whole of a country. Personal matters should not enter into the realm of politics.
Religious leaders have a task at hand to lead their followers through the maze of life today, a maze of rules and regulations created by the state for the betterment of that state. Religious leaders should be guiding people as to how these rules intertwine with their personal lives, giving them the best advice as to how to make it all work. With the complexities of the lives we live today, I do not believe that religious leaders should be taking political action publicly. These leaders have so very much to do that taking on the realms of politics would seem to be an excess. Let the politicians do such and at the same time the politicians should be staying out of the personal lives of the people.
Now there will always be times when there will be a need for a cross over, but these times should be kept to a minimum and only be when ethics and morals come in to play. Religious leaders are highly educated in their specialties, Political leaders too are elected and educated to the roles they are deigned to fulfill, let them both consult and co-operate and then go back to doing each their own specialty for the good of all involved.


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