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Posted 07 April 2012 - 12:43 AM

For a long time I've been practicing Meditation ... clearing the mind of thoughts and letting the mind rest. I'd been exposed to visualizations, but had little faith in them. The visualization techniques taught in Spirit Quest have turned that idea around. Grounding really does seem to get rid of energy you don't want hanging around, and sending roses ... except mine seemed to be turbo charged, rocket propelled balloons ... has produced a few rather amazing results in developing relationships that had not existed before.

I do have a difficult time fully visualizing. For instance, I can't see the grounding cord going all the way to the center of the Earth. It's also difficult for me to sit up in a chair without moving around quite a bit due to an old back injury. I had previously laid down to do my mindfulness patterns, as did Mohamed, which is a lot easier on my back.

While 'cleaning' my Chakras, I had an odd experience. One of them was not happy at all. I couldn't avoid the visualization of green with little white nodules, root like tentacles angrily flailing and lashing out from the Chakra. I used the little rose technique to clean it out ... though mine isn't sticky, it's like a little rose dust buster. This is the odd part; the next day I had developed a neoplastic sore directly over the Chakra, which no longer irritated, has subsided, continues to reduce, but is still a neoplastic development.

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