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Master Of Shamanism Course - Lesson #5

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 09:52 AM

What I found most interesting about this lesson was the reference to the Palaeo-Siberian shaman who shamanized in the inner room of their home, this reminds me of the first Temple of God that the Israelites were instructed to build in the desert by God which had an outer room for all to gather then an inner room which only the priests could enter because it was the Holy of Holys. The spiritual connections between peoples and times fascinate me. There truly is "...nothing new under the sun."

The other item which interested me is the description of the drums used. With only slight variations they are for the most part the same shaman drums which are used today. It seems that the knowledge of the drum has truly been passed down through the ages.

Here is a third item that took my breath away. It says that "...The Yukaghir word for drum is yalgil, which means 'lake', that is the lake into which the shaman dives in order to descend into the shadow-world." Let me explain why that floored me. I am a shaman who has been trained by God over the course of fifty-three years, with no outside direction from any shaman or medicine person. God called me, God trained me. When I journey, first I descend on the axis mundi, the tree of life, by climbing down on its' roots, which brings me to a place, just under the middle world and there I lay down on my back in a stream of water which propels me, like a water slide, into a lake into which I descend as deeply as necessary to cleanse me enough to allow me to enter God's realm of the Lower world.

Since these facts are ancient it just further validates that all shamanic information is available to all shaman across the ages....nothing is ever lost. If there is no shaman present to teach then the information is accessable in the spiritual realm.

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