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Final Essay For Masters Of Spirituality My Final Essay

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 09:59 AM

This course, Spirituality, has really confirmed my belief that people should believe in whatever gets them to where they need to be. I currently preach mostly to Christians. I cover a broad overview of Christian religious beliefs. Although, I personally believe fully in the idea that all religions are truly one and the same, and that they lead everyone to the same place.

I enjoyed the class immensely. Especially the parts concerning previously held beliefs in Science. It is so true that, at one point in time, people thought the world was flat, but a few years later, they found it to be round. People were actually killed over that. Shows you what people will do out of the fear of the unknown.

I, personally, pray that the world could find a way to let people believe what they want to believe, and not kill others that donít believe as they do. Because, I also believe in, what is in us is the life energy. I believe this is our own personal part of God, and if we all got to a place were we could all pray together we could reach God in a huge way. Not to mention, faster and fuller.

If God wanted us all to be the same, he would have made us that way. We, also, would be made to believe in the same religion. With no diversity, the world would not be such an interesting place to be. People would not have the will to explore different thoughts and ideas. We would be here only a small time. Because we would already know this would not be a place of wonder and love. If we were all the same, we would not hold others as special and important in our lives.

I believe the world is a beautiful, wondrous place. A place God made for us to discover his glory. God is in us all. No matter how we believe in him, he is in us all. That small spark that makes us want to be at all. If we donít believe, we are lost. Which is why there is a need for religious leaders, no matter what you call them.

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