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Posted 08 February 2010 - 10:35 AM

I put off posting on Lesson 10 because there were some things I wanted to digest first. I was going through a time of full mind and just wasn t able to get into the meditation at the time. I decided to get some help and had my Love guide the meditations for me. The Birth Vision path meditation was amazing, and though I won t take up all your time with the details, I am and was meant to be a messenger. Now I know as a minister it seems an obvious one but this was different. And not only that I was Happy to come into the world to do it. Happy and determined I literally pulled my pregnant mother on the birthing table over the road like a wagon to get into the world. It was amazing. smile

Another thing we did that turned out wonderfully was this. I asked my partner to answer the questions in the describe your self to someone else exercise. Yes it sounds funny but it gave me an objective view and I used that to compare to the answers I put down. This was not to change the results but to see how I was reflecting my birth vision. It was amazing! And then I did this for my partner too. The unexpected result was that we got to discover just how well we knew each other and it was wonderful. This may not have been what the lesson was about but what a great tool!

I feel that his impute was necessary and that we really developed some great, useful and fun options for getting more out of our meditations. Also, I may not always need help but how lovely to know I have it. smile
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