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Posted 16 September 2013 - 03:18 PM

Heresies were rooted in Jewish legalism. One example was they didn't believe Jesus was the Son of God and we still live under the Law of Moses. Heresies rooted in Greek Philosophy tried to water down Christianity with Philosophy or to camouflage pagan philosophy with an outer veneer of Christianity. They wrote there own book which today are called "Gnostic Nag Hammad i".
Heresies rooted in Greek Philosophy called, Manichean-ism is similar to Gnosticism, but added other oriental Christian thought. Then there was Neoplatonism , another Greek rooted Philosophy. This Religion added Metaphysical Mysticism in to the religion.

The Gnostic religion put forward two Gods, the evil one of the Old Testament and the good one of the New Testament. It also fueled antisemitism within the church. They didn't believe in resurrection of the physical body at the last day.

When Marconi made his own canon for the Gnostic Church the Christians had to defend their own. This developed a Creed as test for orthodoxy. The need for confronting erroneous theologies fostered the rise of Christian Theology.

There will always be false doctrines brought forward by ambitious men or women. We see it even in today's churches. Some churches have lots of pom and make a ritual service while others just add things you must give up or do to become a member of their church.

It make no difference what church you grow up in, if you are called by Jesus to "follow Him", he will lead you in truth. He will guide you to where He wants you to be or what church he wants you to join. But, we must not follow what man tells us as this may be wrong. To many people join a church just to look like they are Christians. Then they learn what the Pastor or church doctrine is and they believe this all to be the truth no mater what because they don't want to really "Follow Him", it us all an outward appearance. But, no mater what religion you are that is between you and God. We are not to put down anyone's religion.
Pastor Sharon L. Madsen DD

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