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Posted 05 September 2016 - 10:37 AM

Lesson 15 –Origins of Roman Catholicism

Master of Christian History

Sept 5th 2016 Rev. Joy Maestas


1. Whatwere the factors that caused the Roman bishop to become so powerful?

I would have to say with the need forefficiency and order within the church, it was given to the bishops to grant orgive grace to the local members or citizens. The bishops in the Roman Cathedra used this to increase theirpower. Since Rome was the traditionalcenter of power for over 500 years people naturally looked to Rome and the Headof the Roman church for both spiritual and earthly guidance, not just duringtime of crises but with their everyday problems. The Bishops took this power and ran with it tocontrol people and eventually being more powerful then the local emperor orking.

2. Inwhat ways did church liturgy become so complex?

With the flood of pagans coming into thechurch, it gave rise to many of their practices being incorporated into thechurch. A lot of ornamentation was addedto churches to help make the pagan feel comfortable. This would include burning candles in frontof them. More and more holidays orscared days were also added into the calendar. More days for liturgical and eucharis rites to be performed were added. A large number of ceremonies were added, likeinfant baptism.

3. Howdid all these things serve to become the foundation for medieval RomanCatholicism?

With the more formalized worship service thatincluded the choir, priests and bishops all presiding over the liturgy. Also withthe response singing, special vestments for the clergy for the church services,and a more complicated liturgy and the enlargement of the number of sacramentsthat became means of grace and most importantly a special priestly hierarchy andyou have the foundation for the medieval Roman Catholicism with some of itcarrying into modern time.


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