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Master Of Chaplaincy Studies Lesson 14

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Posted 04 April 2017 - 10:56 PM

This lesson covered Ceremonies.

Areas covered were Institutional Ceremonies, Holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day, Other Religious Holidays such as Memorial Day and Veteran‘s
Day, Other National and Local Holidays, Ceremonies with Dedications, Weddings, and then Memorials and Funerals.

The end of the lesson had for additional study develop a list of holidays celebrated by the institution you minister as a chaplain. If you are not a chaplain, find a chaplain and learn how he or she works with institution celebrations. Develop a marriage policy as a chaplain,

For holidays celebrated I spoke with one of the chaplains from a local hospital. He mentioned that the hospital celebrates major holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. He mentioned that as the hospital has people that come to the hospital from many different faiths and also in many cases from no faith at all the hospital must take care in how holidays are celebrated or in some cases not celebrated. He also mentioned that the decisions on celebration of holidays come from people in higher positions within the hospital and that he doesn’t make the decisions on how holidays are celebrated. This is similar in what I was reading for another chaplaincy course last week. In that book the author had mentioned how the chaplain could be an employee or volunteer with an organization and that the decisions are made at a higher level by managers or owners.

In regard to a marriage policy as I am a Christian I would need to develop a marriage policy that is Christian based. As the instructor Reverend Daniel Moore had stated in the lesson develop a policy that is consistent with your religious beliefs and practices.

I would need to have an initial meet and greet meeting to get to know the couple and determine the type of wedding ceremony they were looking at having. We would need to determine if both the couple and I could work together. Possibly the initial contact could be by phone and if everyone was on the same page, then a face to face meeting could be the next step.

I would require 5-6 pre-marital counseling sessions. After these sessions have been completed and the couple still wishes to proceed then we would have a meeting to discuss the wedding more in depth and where the wedding would be held.

Once again a well laid out lesson giving me as a future chaplain much insight and much to consider.
Rev. John Carpenter, D.D.(h.c.)
Ordained minister of the Universal Life Church

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