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Lesson 10 Gospel of Thomas

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 09:31 AM


Lesson 10 Gospel of Thomas
V 48-53

Wonderful says from my Master, if two are gathers together I will be in their mist. We have power in joining together, joining our prayers and faith we have power in unity.

We were all created by the Divine Great Spirit, we came from God we will return to God. This world is not our dwelling place but a temporary stop on our journey to become what God fully intended us to be not just people walking around but able to commune with our creator spiritually.

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

We are the Children of Light, our Father is light and love and we are there for children of love and light. You cannot hide a light under a basket, the light will shine through and light up the whole area. When we have the light in us it will shine out from us and light up where ever we are.

Jesus is the new world and he gives rest to all who seek him. Those who have passed on before us and are believers will find rest in him. Those who are alive and commune with him find daily rest with him.

We tend to look at the past instead of looking to what is here and now. Jesus disciples were waiting for a war to liberate the Jews of their day from the Roman occupation. They never understood the salvation Jesus brought was of the inner man, of the spirit. The didnít understand this under the was raised from the dead and was the 1st born of the new Adam

Circumcision in Jesus time was a ritual performed mainly for health reasons, but it set the Jews apart from the rest of the population. They the disciples kept getting hung up in the laws of Moses as that is all they knew. Jesus was trying to teach them spiritual laws and wanted them to quit looking at mans laws and look to the Father for guideance.
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