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Lession 7

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Posted 22 November 2017 - 08:55 AM

I know I am running behind in my classwork but I am teaching out or 3 college in Boston Ma. I must take time to rest and heal up. Time to decompress.

Lesson 7

1) Recall a thing or time in your life where you hoped for something very strongly, and got it. Recall three time frames for it: The time leading up to it, the time when you knew you got it, and the time following having received it. We want the sub-modalities that lead up to it, the ones that accepted it, and the ones that file it in the past as a thing accomplished; a job well-done.

i) I had always wanted to be a professor in a major college starting from the time I got my Masters. I wanted not only to teach but to design courses and develop a study in learning skills and types. This was my thinking from that time. But as with so many things my age was a factor in my dream. But I did want that and looked for any opportunity I could to take steps into the direction I wanted.

(1) I could see myself in the position.

(2) Writing in my journal as I felt it coming.

(3) Day Dreaming of correcting papers, working with students

(4) Thinking of Research and how I was to do it

ii) I did get a position teaching mostly Computers, and in the tutoring center working with students with English and how to better study. All through this (5years) I worked hard thinking about my dream, and taking steps and opportunities moving forward. During this time, I came to the realization that if I got negative and stop believing in the things that was keeping me going, and back step, or became depressed. I developed tools to go forward.

(1) Working at second rate College and schools I was hard to move forward, but this and my Photography was the only thing I had to hold on to.

(2) Very hard to work forward and not give up because of my age, but I managed that by keeping the dream in front of me.

(3) When I did apply for positions that were not in education, I got in trouble professional. Not Happy with what I was doing, not in my dream.

(4) I did move into positions that seem to appear out of not where, like being a college chaplain at one place, Teaching a course in how the Study for inner city Kids. And helping the Homeless on writing stills. All the time seeing thing as steps in my dreams.

iii) I December of 2015, I was working as a cashier at Lowe’s applying for a management position. The day that I was going to be given an offer from Lowe’s I got a phone call from Wentworth for an interview, in Boston. Know that Wentworth only calls once. I had my Crystal Pendulum and asked if I should go with Wentworth or stay at Lowe’s. I came back as a yes for Wentworth and a no for Lowe’s I am now a professor at Wentworth and Thinking of restarting my research in Learning Types

(1) By the 2015 time period, I was getting depressed in my situation. I took action and said yes to a friend how wanted to submit my Resume to Wentworth

(2) I was really to give up when they call six months later.

(3) I had been working on a Management position for a time and was being transferred to another department and then up the management.

(4) Having faith was never one of my strong points I have to work at it every day and believe and prepare myself for things to happen

2) Now that you have the contrast – quite literally, the formula’s for thought and creation your Soul uses through your Mind to make things real in the realm of your Body – note what the differences are. This is how you will avoid self-sabotage and failure: By noting the details about what you did well when things “worked”, and the details about what was different when they “didn’t work”, and being sure to marshal your thoughts to fit the 4-tuple of what works when contemplating your expectation.

For the things I didn’t get.

1. Getting a better job.

a. Didn’t get ready for it.

b. Hard to over come the feeling that people were looking at my age not my skills

c. Not getting enough rest, looking all the time

d. Finally finding one which was below me skills

1. For the Job

a. Did not plan for it, did take the time to prepare my mind and body for the new job. Therefor I wasn’t ready to move, but stayed where I was in fear in depression, and looking back I was sick

b. Needed to put my age aside and move on. Age is nothing, the energy you have is everything

c. Needed to work on myself to see what was wrong and fix it

d. Needed to work on getting the rest I needed, to handle depression and sickness

This is Lesson 7

Rev. Arthur Strafuss


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