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Posted 23 August 2016 - 10:17 AM

Lesson 2 Master of Ancient Christian History

The Rock of Christianity – Lesson Question Aug. 23 2016

Rev. Joy

`1. How do we know that Jesus Christ is a historical personand what are the historical evidences?

Not only do we have the references in the Bible as ahistorical document, we have many Roman historians who have mention of Jesus asan actual person. The works of Josephusto name the most known who was a Jew writing historical accounts for theRomans. He was known as not a mostreligious Jew and one who looked for favor among the Romans. The more documents we discover, the dead seascrolls also give credit to the accounts of the life and times of Jesus.

2. What makes the personality and character of Jesus Christspecial?

He was very compassionate to all he meant, Psalm 86:15 Butthou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long suffering, andplenteous in mercy and truth. (KJV) His character was special as he was theincarnate of God on earth, he was straight forward and projected love andforgiveness without any conditions attached. At this time the Temple was theonly place you could get atonement for sins and that required by Jewish law asacrifice that would be in your place.

3. How does Christ’s person and work constitute thebeginning of Christianity?

You cant have one without the other. His way of life, his teachings are all thebasis of Christianity. His parables thathe taught the people give us our way of daily living. How to treat other people was by hisexample. The core of Christianity is Christ.


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