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Posted 08 August 2013 - 09:35 PM

Master of Christian History

Lesson 4

Being of two worlds, Judaism and the Roman Empire, Paul was afforded the best of both worlds. His education and religious up bringing in Tarsus which was a chief city in Cilicia (Acts 21:39). Having the best Greek/Roman education, as Greek was the preferred language of the time and they were great Philoffers. Having this education made him aware of what was going on around him in politics and in religion. Rome was tolerant of religions as long as you abided by their laws. Paul was a persecutor of Christians for his Jewish Faith and his Roman Empire.

Christianity was the new kid on the block, so to speak. Judaism was afraid of it and wanted it destroyed, Rome didn’t really care unless it disturbed the peace. Because there were so many religions at Paul’s time and when he brought forth Christianity it was the most simplest of all. It appealed to all ages, classes and people. Rich and poor, educated or uneducated could grasp the meaning of Christ’s being the Son of God.

Paul could move through the Jewish, Greek or Roman peoples with ease. His being brought up in Judaism and being educated in Roman ways, he was taught under the Jewish rabbi Gamabel who was considered the most knowledgeable of his time. Paul was from both worlds, but he was Jewish first then Roman.. He used both worlds to his advantage, he was very clever. Maybe this is why Jesus chose him to preach the Gospel.

Paul was the finest missionary as he set up a church in a major city and thought the leaders how to run the church. Then he moved on to a new location and repeated the process. But he kept each church close to his heart, by being well informed at what was going on behind his back. He wrote letters to these churches informing them of what he was being told and corrected any problems that were arising while he was away. He defended his faith to all churches. I guess you could say he was the Father of these new churches and kept the leadership until he died.

Paul stayed in touch by making rounds to visit each church and kept in touch through his writings. The Holy Spirit was working through Paul because of his humbleness and gentle nature, yet he has a zeal in teaching the Good News to all. He was chosen personally by Jesus to take the Good News to the Gentiles. He of all the Disciples or Apostles was most capable in doing the job.


JOWETT, George F. (2011-07-31). The Drama of the Lost Disciples (Kindle Location 3005). The Covenant Publishing Co Ltd. Kindle Edition.

This is the little known book that has more to tell about Paul and his trips to Britain. It has more to tell about Paul’s missionary journeys that are not in the Bible. There was just to much to pick out a paragraph. So, I will leave it up to the reader to research if he would like to.
Pastor Sharon L. Madsen DD

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