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Lesson 12

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Posted 15 March 2016 - 08:33 AM

I sincerely hope that future iterations of this course are branded more accurately: This is not an overview of metaphysical healing, but a course strictly on South African Traditional Healing. I have been extremely frustrated with the curriculum as a result of this misbranding, and must admit that I would not have taken it had I known what it was really about, since it will have ZERO application to my healing practice..

1) What effect could spiritual wrongdoings have on the individual and the community? (3)

They are likely to lead to illness, because they create disharmony in the individual and in the community.

2) How is an illness treated in the African Tradition? (3)

The emphasis is on the treatment of the whole person only achieved by recognising the cultural health needs of each individual and the use of ritual to reach those parts of the psyche that conventional medicine can’t.

3) What does Soul Loss mean? (1)

To lose a part of soul.

4) What causes Soul Loss? (3)

Situations that are frightening, traumatic and just too painful to deal with.

5) How do we cope with this? (2)

We push aside the energy of the situation and continue with our lives as best we can.

6) What happens next? (2)

Energy or soul parts become lost or trapped in an event, resulting in a loss of personal power.

7) What is the benefit of doing Soul Retrieval? (2)

It helps to retrieve the lost soul parts needed to help to heal the client of their present situation.

8) Is it necessary to reintegrate the soul parts? (1)


9) Why are the San’s healing abilities so good? (1)

Because of their hunter-gatherer lifestyle, which embraces all the aspects of nature.

10) Where do they live? (1)

In the Kalahari

11) What are the 4 elements of nature? (4)

Fire, air, water and earth.

12) How do the San activate “Num”. (2)

Through dancing and clapping.

13) What does “Kia” enable them to do? (3)

To travel to the spirit world, or the heavens, to plead with the ancestral Spirits and the Great Spirit for the patient’s health.

14) What happens when they “lay on hands”? (3)

They “pull out” the sickness and shake their hands towards the heavens, casting out the illness into the darkness.

15) Name 2 voice techniques that can help a client to relax. (2)

Authoritarian and Permissive

16) Describe the Authoritarian Technique. (4)

The authoritarian technique is powerful and straight to the point. Its purpose is to command the client to loosen up and to get them to relax completely through the use of repetitious commands.

17) What is the permissive technique? (4)

The permissive technique employs a softer tone of voice to coax the subject into relaxation. In contrast to the authoritarian technique, the healer and the subject are one and the same in the process. More images are used to improve suggestions, and greater accountability is given to the subject. Here is an example of this technique:

18) Name the key components of the language of induction. (3)


Paraphrased Suggestions

Connective Words

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