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Lesson 6 & 7 Dowsing and Dowsing Charts

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 12:49 PM

Lesson 6 - I am somewhat familiar with "water dowsing" as my grandparents (and my step mother's parents) all spoke about it. In Missouri the typical dowser used forked sticks from a willow tree. The elders all talked about the success rate of dowsers being quite high. My step-grandmother mentioned that the really good ones often used just a willow wand and some were able to "smell" it out.

As kids, we tried "dowsing" to see if it worked. One of us would hide cups of water in the woods and another would try to find them with our own little forked sticks. Sometimes we used willow but often we just used "whatever" and I am still amazed as our success rate - above 50%. I know one time at the age of 12 I was fooling around with my dowsing switch and it kept pulling me to the base of a tree. It was only after I walked around it and noticed the tree was hollow on the otherside - with standing water inside - that I really felt awe.

These exercises are good. The instructor is right - practice, practice, practice.

Lesson 7 - Dowsing Charts.

The use of charts I find interesting. I use a map of the local county for a lot of my prayer and concentration in ministry. I also use a chart of names to pray over. Both improve my concentration and I am able to identify people in need of ministry. All of the charts mentioned by the instructor and the practice in using them I find to be good tools to help concentrate spiritual energy, gain focus and find direction in ministry. :thumbsup:

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