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Final Thoughts On Wiccans

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 07:27 PM

Wiccans: Final Thoughts

The name Witch has meanings of women who use spoken curses to injure or destroy people or property. When in fact Wiccans can trace their linage to ancient Celtics beliefs, practices, symbolism, Gods, and Goddesses. Wiccans are modern Neopaganism. They follow Wiccan Rede, which prohibits Wiccans from performing acts that dominate, manipulate, control, or injure others. (Exodus 22:18) “You shall not allow a sorceress to live” Wiccans have a place in the Old and New Testaments. (Revelations 22:15) “Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the fornicators and murderers, the idol worshippers and all who love falsehood”. Wiccans have a profound appreciation for the natural order of life. When in the presence of Mother Nature (environment), their belief is not becoming haughty of human technology as they converge our essences. To be a Wiccan is to be an educator, quester, a subscriber, and a defender of all things in nature. “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit”, says the Lord Almighty. (Zechariah 4:6) Witchcraft (Enchantment) is a transcendent practice that fosters the free thought and resolve of the individual, furthering the erudition and a tolerance of the earth and its landscape thus asserting the divinity in all living things. Above Being a Wiccan teaches accountability. Wiccans is about acceptance of our actions and deeds for the choices we make. Wiccans concede the cycles of nature, the lunar phases and seasons to celebrate their spirituality and to worship the heavenly being. “ Earth is but the frozen echo of the silent voice of God” ( Samuel M. Hageman) Wiccans empower the earth’s resources, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water for its belief system allows the enchantress to work with, not in prayer to deities with the intent of living in concord and achieving poise with all things. “Witches”, since times of Jesus Christ, have appeared to look like the Old crone with a dimple on her chin, broomstick in hand, with a Black cat stirring a potion in a cauldron. Wiccans have now evolved to look like “The Charmed Ones”, with a sense of purpose. But also with family values; becoming one with nature and still looking beautiful. The incantations that wiccans do involve curative, adoration, harmony, wisdom and inspiration. Wiccans believe that the life force of the One, Goddess and God exist in all things. Potions, spells, heal headaches, tonics, herbal flea bath for pets. Wiccans make every effort to honor life and respect in all its many indices for the corporeal and the metaphysical. Wicca or witchcraft is not a sect. They do not worship Lucifer or the devil or associate with demons. Wiccans believe Satan is a Christian creation. Sacrificing animals or humans would violate the most basic tenant of “Harm None”. Stealing life forces of another for achievement of supernatural powers is violation of Harm None creed. Finally using the forces of nature to cast spells on others violates the law of Harm None. To understand Wiccans, are Women in touch with Mother Nature’s power.
What I learned from this class is Wiccans are in tuned with nature’s demands and able to harness its natural energy and keep the balance of man and nature working together.

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