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Posted 23 February 2018 - 02:27 PM

Master of Religious Philosophy 2 – My Notes

In order to study religion, we must first define how we are going to use the word. The root of the word “religion” means to tie. Essentially those who have tied themselves to God. Until about the 16th century, this word was only used to refer to those who lived in monasteries or nunneries. It was in the 16th century that the word religion took on its modern meaning.
Although many people that there is a difference between religions and ethical systems, because ethical systems are not deity-centered, for the purposes of religious philosophy we will not separate the two. There is a large list of vocabulary that we will use to analyses each religious philosophy.
The end questions:
In my work three precepts are to always wave at the student, always smile, and answer every call. Three concepts in my work are grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
In a monistic faith, if One is God, it may mean that they create their own life. Evil may exist, but it may not be intrinsic. Actions may be evil, but the doer is not intrinsically evil. Matter may or may not exist based on the particular religious beliefs, the same for self. If we exist it may be that we are aware as a part of the One, I suspect our true essence may be spirit. Some say the physical world is illusion, others say it is real.
A “good practicing pagan” will honor the holidays in the best way that they see fit. They will be good stewards of the Earth. They will always strive to respect the divine in others.

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