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Marriage In Pa another question

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 01:37 PM

I am confused by something. According to the state of PA law

1503. Persons qualified to solemnize marriages. (a) General rule.--The following are authorized to solemnize marriages between persons that produce a marriage license issued under this part: 1. A justice, judge or district justice of this Commonwealth. 2. A former or retired justice, judge or district justice of this Commonwealth who is serving as a senior judge or senior district justice as provided or prescribed by law. 3. An active or senior judge or full-time magistrate of the District Courts of the United States for the Eastern, Middle or Western District of Pennsylvania. 4. An active or senior judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit who is a resident of this Commonwealth. 5. A mayor of any city or borough of this Commonwealth. 6. A minister, priest or rabbi of any regularly established church or congregation. (B) Religious organizations.--Every religious society, religious institution or religious organization in this Commonwealth may join persons together in marriage when at least one of the persons is a member of the society, institution or organization, according to the rules and customs of the society, institution or organization. © Marriage license needed to officiate.--No person or religious organization qualified to perform marriages shall officiate at a marriage ceremony without the parties having obtained a marriage license issued under this part. [Source webmaster note: Marriage is a civil contract and does not require a particular form of ceremony for solemnization by a government or religious official. See Commonwealth ex. rel. McDermott v. McDermott, 236 Pa. Superior Ct. 541, 345 A.2d 914 (1975). However, marriage does require words uttered to establish at that precise time the relationship of husband and wife. Commonwealth v. Jones, 224 Pa. Superior Ct. 352, 307 A.2d 397 (1973).

It specifically states Every, meaning there shouldn't be a problem with us performing a marriage there. So what am I missing. Why is there a debate? I understand that there have been issues in courts but when I called one of the counties they said there were no other requirements even for someone like myself who is out of state. Was there something legally written stating that Ulc ministers will not marry people in PA?

I am sure this comes up often. I am having a hard time finding the legislation that says we can not do this. Rev. Anna
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