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Wiccan Lesson 9 Reincarnation

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 02:27 AM

In this lesson it is mentioned of the beliefs of reincarnation of different cultures. The one I relate to most is the one that Lord Starwalker & Daven have brought light to is that we have 3 bodies: The Physical, The Mental/Spirit Body, & Etheric/Soul Body.

I had a past life regression done once to where a practitioner had me go back to 3 of my lifetimes that may be causing challenge for this lifetime. It was rather interesting experience.....and enlightening to me. One of the lifetimes I saw myself as a baby boy standing in a crib and I saw a plaque of a wooden cresent moon and a wooden sun on the wall behind me. Another, was I saw myself as a young little girl that died from a heart problem(during this remembering experience I started to hyperventilate, and the practitioner had to bring me back to a calm state in order to continue. The third one, was the most detailed experience & my favorite, I was from the future & another dimension; very physically fit; was wearing a kind of uniform that was almost like a wet suit but made for space travel; I was a pilot of a small single passenger ship that was for going on missions and there was a large (Mother Ship if you will)where many of us deployed from to go on missions; according to what was revealed to me we as a being in this race was able to shape shift to either sex, Male or Female, depending on the mission; this mission I was to be female; also my mission was to be a light-worker of shedding the light on things....Truth....Honor...Loyalty....to show High Regards within each of whomever I may come in contact with.

I actually didn't look at these three past lives as causing challenge for me now but I felt it helped me to understand better and deeper for my higher purpose in this life. I later decided to go into meditation and use my pendulum to delve deeper on this coming from the future past life. What I seem to discover is that my birthday was different than this life's birthday year and all....quite interesting for me.

How may this all fit for me.....with having an open mind to all possibilities.....on reincarnation it explained a lot for me in my personal life experiences growing up and to some of the why's.

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