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Lesson 20 Consecration and Definitions

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Posted 11 February 2010 - 11:21 AM

The first part of the lesson is consistent with Wiccan. It is the belief that the tools have power but need to be consecrated. Why this practice? We are only speaking of bits of wood, metal, etc. I see this as a process of setting them apart for special purposes. All religions use this practice of consecration of people and objects. It is a mindset and mindsets are very powerful. I consider it the same as tuning a radio to the right frequency that gains the most communication and power. Well done!

I will disagree with the instructor concerning Satanism. First, Satan is not a god but a fallen angel per the Christian and Jewish Bibles. He is recorded in both Testaments. Satan is not limited Christian doctrine but also found in the teachings of Judaism and Islam regards Satan not as a fallen angel but a fallen Jinn.

The instructor states that Satanims is a schism of Christianity and I disagree. A schism is a formal split between within the church over doctrinal issues. Examples include the split between the Catholic and Orthodox over who sent the Holy Spirit and the date for Easter among other trivial items; the split between protesting Catholics (Protestants) in Europe in the 1500-1600's over the issues of salvation by grace versus works and the many nonbiblical practices of the Catholic Church; Henry VIII's leading the church of England out of the Catholic Church to form the Anglican church. There is no formal schism of a "satanist church" from the Christian church. Rather, what it is a group of persons who may have a Christian background (and many who have other backgrounds) who chose to worship Satan and the beliefs they have formulated. They may consider him a god ... and that is their belief.

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