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Comparative Religion 18

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Posted 15 July 2016 - 10:28 AM

Explore the following sites:
http://www.bpf.org/t...tomatsusec.html The Secularization of Japanese Buddhism:The Priest as Profane Practitioner of the Sacred
This talks of the need to revive traditional Buddhist practices and return to a stricter following of the Buddhist precepts in light of the way modern Japanese practice is more geared toward the acts of being a money making institution.

http://www.sfzc.com/...sion/priest.htm Being a Priest at Zen Center
this link did not work so I used this one:
This is an interview discussing from the viewpoint of a zen priest different aspects of the job. Three main practices include being humble, seeing every life as if that life is the Buddha, and always offer to help and offer your merit (credits and good karma) to be given to others.

http://www.tibet.ca/...001/6/17_6.html Women Buddhist Priests: Lives Dedicated to the Lord
This link was non functional as well. Which was a pity because the title of the article was so obscure that I was interested in why they were introduced as priests servicing the Lord. I did find this very interesting page instead from the Huffington post: http://www.huffingto..._b_2863427.html
Which I suggest everyone take a glance at to see the struggles and accomplishments of women practicing the Buddhist path.

http://www.amritapur...l/guru/guru.php Excellent site on the role of "guru" in Hindu tradition.
I spent way too much time here and am now following every associated social media site. She is a true inspiration of beauty and humanity.

http://www.mariawita.pl/ The Old Catholic Mariavite Church
Beautiful message regarding the refugee crisis. I did not spent too much time looking around here because I couldn’t read any other articles in English.
“The task of the Churches is to prepare people’s hearts to provide assistance, by specific acts of mercy, to those who suffer – those escaping from war, persecution and death. Such an attitude by Christians to others has been their particular feature ever since the beginnings of the Church.”

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