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Projection - Past Lives – Understand Your Future By Facing Your Past

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Posted 26 June 2010 - 07:51 PM

Whether you believe it or not, there are several ways you can learn about your past lives. Just look at the Hindus and Buddhists who have utilized this as part of their religion for centuries. Even if you aren’t a big believer there is nothing wrong with being a little curious about the whole scenario. If you need answers you can look into the various ways to understand different pieces of the puzzle and explore all your options.

Keeping Notes

One of the first things we recommend doing is keeping track of everything. If you truly want to tap into a past life, then you’ll want to figure out your emotions and how you react to things each day. These can be big clues to whom or what you were in the past to others. The reason you will want to write this down is so you can come back and look it over later when you’re piecing everything together.

Just look at your life today and see if you can find any clues. It might be the slightest detail, which is why you should jot down events, animals, reactions to situations, colors, anytime you felt dj-vu, and a host of other things. Basically the more you write down, the better chance you have of finding something.

The most overlooked area to keep track of is your dreams. While many people don’t understand their dreams, you should write about them and try to take what you can from them. You will notice that some of the messages or symbols you find intertwined with a dream could relate to either your past or present life.

Try Therapy for Past Life Experiences

Obviously this will depend on your finances, but if you have the capability to see a therapist we definitely recommend it. If there was any sort of regression in your past life, they will help you bring it to the forefront. While you can go to several different places, the International Association for Regression and Research and Therapies or International Association of Past Life Therapists is recommended.

Experiencing the Meditation Phenomenon

If things just aren’t going according to plan, we recommend taking the meditation approach. It’s just one way you can keep this search within the confines of your home, and allow you to do it without the negativity from others. Indulging yourself to find out more about a past life is very important to some people, and hearing others complain does not help the situation.

When you experience this for the first time, you’re going to feel like you’re daydreaming. You may see an image here and there, but it could be hard to decipher what is the past and what you’re conjuring up that very moment. Remember, the mind can be very suggesting if you allow it to be.

There may be times when you feel as though this is a difficult state of mind to accomplish. When this happens there are other alternatives like a visual stimulus to help you along the way. It might be as small as a candle flame or more professional like a pendulum. Whatever the case may be you have to find the right fit for you.

Another option is to take advantage of binaural beats. This allows you to hear different frequencies in each ear and results in relaxing you completely. It’s been said that you can experience the same state of mind as a Zen monk by using this technique, but that’s a debatable subject.

While all this is great, you have to find a place that will allow you to meditate properly. Having three kids in the family room, the phone ringing, and you trying to meditate just won’t work.

When you’re there, relax the muscles and find a comfortable position. The idea here is to leave all those issues and concerns at the door before you get started. If by chance one of them creeps in just acknowledge it, then let it go. It will take some practice to utilize this correctly, but once you get it down you’ll be able to relax much easier.

Eventually there will be images that surface. These can be both good and bad depending on the situation, so don’t be started at what you see. It’s going to be hard to verify everything you see, and be able to tell what is from a previous life and what you added into your mind 10 seconds ago.

It’s an amazing thought, but there are times when people in your family knew each other in a previous life. Granted, the relationship back then could have been different, but the connection was still there.

At the end of the day you just need to believe in reincarnation. Since you’ve made it this far we imagine you do. If you plan on trying regression, you’ll be able to get some extremely beneficial information about your past lives. It could be the first step to finding all the answers you need.

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