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Lesson 20 Final Essay

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Posted 13 June 2016 - 10:34 AM

The past 20 weeks, I have been studying the course in Master of Metaphysical Healing. I am currently a massage therapist and empath. My whole life has been about energy and how to use it for healing and providing balance in today’s lifestyle. I have studied variety areas of metaphysical healing as well as eclectic magickal practices. I found that this course of more focused on the African method of metaphysical healing mixed with Shamanic path.

Most of the lessons in the Master of Metaphysical Healing were very basic and I already have advance knowledge (over 20 years) compared to what was taught. But, for an email based course I think it’s fair to say that it is still educational and a pleasant way to learn at your own pace. Also, I didn’t always agree on Kruger’s details, such as her opinion of African Witches as dark and evil. I learned from many documentaries, actual witch doctors, and personal studies that it was an opposite and sometimes the work they carried out wasn’t always based on their heart but also the heart and intention of the requested client. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. It is the power of belief that makes something possible.

From the lessons, I was able to discover some consistent techniques found across much different type of healing practices, even in stress management. I enjoyed learning how aura cleansing and ruffling is also used in tuning fork therapy and Reiki. I also enjoyed the Induction lessons as this is very similar to stress management and hypnotherapy. Overall I feel this course made me more aware of similarities across various types of modalities and healing traditions. I had started studying Qi Gong and Zhan Zhuang.

As I continue my path of rediscovering myself, I felt this course helped guide me back into my passion of studying in the metaphysical and healing modalities. I already practice an eclectic type of healing, but with this course it reminded me to believe in myself, my work, and others. Master of Metaphysical isn’t just about healing but teaching others to open their mind to believe and the power of thought can heal.

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