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Lessons 1 & 2

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Posted 14 April 2015 - 05:31 AM

I Define “Christian Ethics” as used by the author in Lesson I.

Well they talk about how it is the daily strains of living. Also it is knowing what is right and wrong they used the bible in the first part [Proverbs 23:7] (KJV) ‘For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to three; but his heart is not with three.’
They give six frames of reference and those six frames was:
1-the best in the moral
2-the moral standards of Christiandom
3-the ethics of Christian Church and its many Churches,
4-the ethics of the bible
5-the of the New Testament and also
6-the ethical insights of Jesus.

II Define “Agape love.”

It means an uncalculating and outgoing spirit of loving concern which finds expression in doing good with no limits.

III Define “Christendom.”
Christiandom is the word used by people when talking about the Christian world.
It’s also used a lot as a word to unit Christian people.

IV Why is the Church called to be the “conscience of the State?”

The ethics of the Church, being midway between the ethics of Christendom and the ethics of the gospel and how it comes to us in Jesus Christ. The Church, insofar as it is faithful to its mission as a fellowship of persons trying to follow Jesus, sees more clearly what is right than does the surrounding society. It is for this reason that it is called to be the "conscience of the State"

V The Bible is the fountainhead of Christian theology.
VI A) Should we look to the Old Testament for our ethical foundations?
B) Explain

Now, this question had me thinking a lot over it, I personally believe that it is just as important as the New Testament. We over look it to many times and it tells so much about where come form and who we are as a people. I think we can learn so much ethics from the Old Testament and how in the old times people lived and talked with G-d. To put it in an easier way people forget that the laws in the Bible are more oven then not in the Old Testament. e.g..1o Commandments, The laws of Kosher (I know not a lot of Christians keep Kosher but some of us do and dose of us who do keep Kosher we know how important the Old Testament is)

VII Why do most Christians find the New Testament more authoritative for their faith and living?

As the Old Testament tells us so much about G-d and foreshadows the coming of Christ, it is the New Testament that records for us the historical revelation of G-d in the Lord Jesus Christ. People believe that the New Testament is more important for them because it talks of Jesus and the early Christians and Church as Christians and not as Jews or Hebrews or Israelites but as Christians. So may be they feel they relate to the New Testament more because of that.

VIII T/F? It is agreed that in the case of an Old Testament passage, one must examine and expound it in relation to the revelation of God to Israel both before and after its own period. Then the interpreter should turn to the New Testament in order to view the passage in that perspective.


IX T/F? It is agreed that in the case of a New Testament passage one should examine it in the light of its setting and context; then turn to the Old Testament to discover its background in God’s former revelation. Returning again to the New Testament one is able to see and expound the passage in the light of the whole scope of Heilsgeschichte.


X As defined in Lesson II, what is “Christian Ethics?”

To show love and caring and kindness to all people everywhere.

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