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Dr Of Spiritual Development Lesson 2

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Posted 03 August 2017 - 09:44 AM

  • Rules of Expectation: Keyword = “should”. “I, Arthur Strafuss, am free to explore the deeper nature of myself, with clarity and focus on my purpose improving daily. I should gain greater insights and awareness with ease.”
    • Through Meditation daily, through practicing mindfulness, and writing to find myself that lives with in me.
    • Knowing full well that all my thoughts of myself are programed into my being. That when I set ant intention into discovering myself the energy that flows through me goes to others, in a good or bad way.
      • This being said, It is my Expectation to be who I am and help other to find them.
  • Rules of Possibility: Keyword = “can”. Form of Affirmation: “I, Arthur Strafuss can see more, feel more, do more and be more than I ever have before. I can come to clarity with my higher, learning more about my purpose, daily.”
    • I am observant, and always know who I am, what I am and where I am going, to keep myself open to the possibilities that present themselves.
    • To know what action I need to take when any possible presents itself.
    • To be really for it, with developing stills and attitudes to go in the direction I should go.
  • Rules of Permission: Keyword: “may”. Form of Affirmation: “I, Arthur Strafuss, am allowed and permitted to know myself in an ever expanding manner. Each day may deepen my understanding of my soul’s mission in this life.”
    • This also means that I give myself permission to make mistakes as a way in which I can learn and grow in a healthy way.
    • Not to force too much on the mistakes that that is the only reference point, and depression.
    • Not to force too much on the good things I have done, because of my ego and my self-center way of thinking.
  • Rules of Action: Keyword = “will. Form of Affirmation: “I, Arthur Strafuss, will notice clearer message from the depths of my source with each meditation.”
    • Remembering that I have a monkey brain that can wonder off, into places where I should not go.
    • That if I do find myself there I will gently come back to where I should be.
Hard to do all of this Five times in the morning and Fivetime at night, as well as my Reiki Precepts:

Justfor Today

Do not worry

Do not be angry

Work diligently

Give Thanks

Be kind to all living things

But it is what I do, welcome tomy life. I am in recovery from PTSD.

Rev. Arthur L. Strafuss



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