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Posted 28 August 2016 - 11:26 PM

Master of Christian History - Lesson 10 questions and answers Aug 28,2016
Rev. Joy Maestas

1. Whywas the Roman bishop considered so prestigious among the monarchical bishops?

Due to the them believing that Christ gave Peter to be the 1stBishop of Rome because he called Peter his rock on which he would build hischurch and Christ gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven and later toldPeter to feed his sheep, the Rome church believed that Peter has a specialposition and so the Roman church was special and the head of all other churchsso the Bishop of Rome was head of the other bishops.

2. Howdid the formation of creeds and the fixation of the New Testament canonreinforce the Episcopal authority of the monarchical bishop?

It put down in writing the basic belief of scripture andwhat the apostles taught that all believers in Christ should adhere to. It is the core doctrines that they taught. Thefixing of the New Testament Canon was reinforcement of the creeds to thebishops. The acceptance of the fixedbooks would give no credence to the heretics of the time who were making upthere own canons. Having leadership during the persecution andheresy times was a must for the expanding of Episcopal authority. Order intimes of chaos.

3. What was required for a writing to pass muster ascanonical? Why was the process of fixing the New Testament canon slow anddeliberate?

The requirement was did the writing have apostolicity. Who wrote it? A Apostle or someone who was close them. Did it edify other when read in public? Did it agree with rule of faith? It also they relied on the Holy Spirit and any historical verificationof the apostolic authorship.

It was slow and deliberate to test each writing for whowrote it and how were they connected to the original Apostles. If the averageperson was expected to risk there lives for the book, they had to be sure ofthe authorship.


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