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Posted 08 September 2016 - 12:41 PM

Lesson 19 -- The Holy Roman Empire

Master of Christian History

Rev. Joy Maestas Sept. 8, 2016

Questions and Answers

1. Whatfactors contributed to the collapse of the Carolingian Empire?

Once the Vikings, Slavs and Magyars invaded Western Europethe towns and monasteries in their path were taken over. When the Vikings joined with theAnglo-Saxons the dark ages were ended.

2. Whatis feudalism? How was the church influenced by feudalism? How did the churchattempt to lessen the excesses of the feudal lords?

Feudalism is a political system based on land possession wherethe one who owes it gives protection to the ones who work the land for them,and live there. They product goods forthe land owner and he gives them protection.

The church was influenced by feudalism as it held a lot ofland. Since the clergy was not allowedto do military service for the feudal lord, they had to either give part of theland to the vassal’s knights in return for protection or come up with someother service to offer in return.

The church lessened the excesses with the “Peace of God” andthe “Truce of God” The Peace of God was a treaty that banned private rows, and anyattack on unarmed persons, banned robbery and violence and banned the pillagingof sacred places. The Truce of God andother treaty, banned the feudal class from fighting from sunset on Wednesday tosunrise on Monday of each week, it also banned fighting on church festivalsdays. This provided that churches,cemeteries, monasteries, and convents would be sanctuaries for refugees, alsoWomen, peasants, and clergy were not to be harmed.

3. Whatwas involved in the investiture controversy? How did this plague church-staterelations in the Middle Ages?

The investiture controversy was between the feudal lord andthe Roman pontiff. Which one had theright to give a feudal vassal the symbols of his authority. These included The ring, staff and palliumwhich were signs of spiritual authority. The sword and scepter was symbols of feudal authority.

It caused a loss of spiritual life on the part of the churchleaders who were neglecting their spiritual responsibilities for more worldlyaffairs. Too busy with who they couldget into power that would help protect them instead of studying the scripturesand letting God do the leading. Thestate was busy trying to grab more land and in exchange for the land would giveprotection only if they would submit to the rule of the state.


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