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Posted 25 December 2013 - 03:18 PM

The Book of Matthew

The issue that the Book of Matthew raised for me is that of Jesus' genealogy - His Ancestry.
Jesus was of Divine origin.
As husband of Mary, Joseph was generally believed to have fathered Jesus.
The Book of Matthew tells about the life and genealogy of Jesus Christ.

The ancestors of Christ arose from Jesse of Bethlehem, the father of King David.
The Biblical Book of Isaiah describes metaphorically the descent of the Messiah, and is accepted by Christians as referring to Jesus.
Matthew's Gospel opens with the words, "The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham."
With this beginning, Matthew shows the Abrahamic and royal descent passing through David, and then through Solomon.

And yet, there is a deeper issue at stake here.
What was God's thinking when He inspired the Prophet Isaiah to foretell the coming of His Son?
He knew He was to choose an earthly male guardian for His Son, namely Joseph.
And Joseph was descendant from King David.

Yet the actual biological parentage of Jesus was from only one human, Mary, made pregnant by God's Overshadowing.
A shoot was to come from the stock of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots would bear fruit (Is 11;1).
Matthew alludes to Joseph being from the stock of Jesse (Matt 1;16).
Whose biological ancestry did God have in mind when He gifted Jesus to Mary for our benefit?
Mary of Nazareth's biological ancestry. However, the Gospels do not seem to emphasise Mary's genealogy, but more that of Joseph.
How do we solve this conundrum?

In the following way.
Mary of Nazareth is one of the few women in the ancient world whose life story we know.
The genealogy of Jesus in Luke is actually the genealogy of Mary, while Matthew gives that of Joseph.

God had stated that Jesus was to be a direct descendent of David through Mary's lineage (otherwise there is no blood relation to David(.
In Biblical times there was no word for father-in-law, just as there was no word for grandfather.
Joseph cannot be the son of both Jacob and Heli (Jacob in Matt 1;16, Heli in Luke 3;23).
According to the Jerusalem Talmud (Chag.77,4), Heli was actually Mary's father, making him Joseph's father-in-law.
According to one school of thought among scholars, the reason Matthew and Luke's genealogies differ is because Joseph is descended from Solomon, while Mary is a descendent of Solomon's older brother Nathan.
This thus made Joseph and Mary cousins many times removed.

Therefore, Jesus the Christ was born of Mary, who was descended through the line of King David from the stock of Jesse - as witnessed to in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 3, verse 31.
Jesus was protected by Joseph, who was descended through the Davidic line through Solomon, Bathsheba having been his mother.

The issue which became clear for me through the study of the Book of Matthew is that Mary's genealogy is clearly laid out in the Gospels, as well as that of Joseph, because the genealogical lists of Luke and Matthew trace different lines - Luke the matriarchal line, and Matthew the patriarchal line.

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Posted 31 March 2016 - 09:49 AM

Wow this is powerful and very much needed

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Posted 03 May 2016 - 08:31 PM

This is opening my eyes. Love the post.

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