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Wiccan Lesson 10 Holidays

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 03:12 AM

Well, in this lesson it discusses 4 of the 8 main holidays of Pagans. The first one I will discuss on is One of my Favorites for several reasons....namely because I was born on this Holiday at 12:22am on October 31st.... SAMHAIN--HALLOWEEN!!!! I usually will do a ritual of some kind or a spell to bring about a wish I may like to bring about in the highest good. I also, always throw a Costume/Halloween Birthday Party every year to celebrate not only my birth but just to celebrate in a festive way so all may enjoy themselves. I'll have party games so my guests may win prizes and prizes for best, scariest, sexiest, funniest, and most creative costume. I feel lots of joy, enthusiasm and intense heighten of energy during this time. It feels like one of the most powerful holidays to me.

Another holiday that is next in line from Halloween is the Yule/Midwinter/WINTER SOLSTICE. It feels like a breath of fresh crisp air to me when this season comes around. I usually do a ritual of a burning to celebrate. It's usually done on the 21st of December. I will have a gathering of people that wish to do this come over. We write on parchment paper with a pencil things we wish to release and let go...bless it.....then burn it....and put the ashes in a baggy and take them to the North out to nature and release the ashes. Then we'll write on another piece of parchment in pencil things we wish to come to be.....burn the edges....fold 3 times....put in plastic baggy....fill with purified/or blessed water....and place it in the freezer to freeze the intention into being.

This is just my personal preference of what I choose to incorporate to doing with the holidays mentioned within this lesson. The information given within this lesson these holidays are very interesting to me.

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