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Lesson 15 Rituals

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Posted 21 January 2010 - 12:08 PM

A good lesson and a good exercise. I get to write my own ritual. What a challenge that has been! Here I go:

Initiation of an infant to the faithful community (wiccanning)

The ushers enter and light all the candles. The Head usher brings a white candle to the HP. The HP lights the incense in the censor. The HP walks in a wide circle that encompanses all the members present.

HP: Holy is this space and time. We ask the gods and the spirits to join us for our dedication of a new member into our host. Spirit of water bless this place with your power and presence. Spirit of earth bless this place with yor power and presence.

HP returns to the altar.

INVOCATION: HP faces each direction and invites each direction to join [Example: North, we invite you to be a witness of this. East, we invite....etc]. HP: The circle is now complete.

HP to the head usher: Who desires to join this holy host today?

The HU: [Parents names] which to bring their child today.

HP: Invite them in.


HP to the parents: What is the child's name?

Parents: His/her name is ........

HP takes the child into his or her arms and approaches the altar. HP turns to the host: Who welcomes this child into this holy company?

Members: We do!

HP: Who will pray and protect this child as he/she grows?

Members: We will!

HP takes a bit of dirt and rubs it on the forehead: From the earth we ask earth's wisdom to guide and lead this child.

Host and parents: We ask the earths power for wisdom.

HP sprinkles salt on the head, hands, and feet: The salt tymbolizes the earths perserving power.

HP turns to a small bowl with water. With fingertips dipped in water, the drops of water are put upon the infant's head, breast, hands, and feet: We ask the water's power for the keeping this infant's way in goodness always.

Host and pares: We ask the water's pwoer for this keeping.

HP gives the baby back to the parents. Then censor is held over the head of the child as the incense smoke goes up: We ask the spirit of fire to light the pathway of this child as he/she goes forward in life's journey.

Host and Parents: We ask the power of light to lead and lighten the way.

HP walks in a circle with the censor around the child and the parents. HP blows upon the forehead of the child: We ask the power of the air to the be the constant companion of life for this little one.

Host and Parents: We ask the power of the air to be a companion.

HP to the parents: Do you comment to walkiing in the walk of the spirits as an example of our way to this child? Will you lead and guid in all the good ways of life?

Parents: Yes we do!

HP to host: Are you witnesses of these things?

Host: We are!


HP lifts up hands and prays: to the powers of all for directions, we thank you. To the spirits of the earth, wind, fire and water, we thank you. For the witnesses present today, we thank you. For the parents, we thank you. For the source of all of our lives, we thank you once again for the privilege to bring into our fold a new life. Amen.

Breaking the Circle

HP lifts up a knife (or sword) and makes a cutting motion: The circle is now broken. May the spirits go in peace. May the parents go forth in leading [child's name] into life's journey.

Head usher leads the parents out of the circle and to the reception area.

HP: All the people say - Amen! Go in peace and love!

Host: Amen! Go in peace and love!

[This concludes the ceremoney]

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