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Lesson 10 Holidays

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Post icon  Posted 08 December 2009 - 09:33 PM

Another great lesson. It was a review of similar lessons from the Druid and Pagan courses. The assignment was to write down the Sabbat names and to list what each holiday feels like at the given time of the year.

Samhain - Full joy and rest. The harvests are all in. Families gather. The trees are losing color.

Yule - This is the shortest day of the year. The darkness can appear depressing but it is a time to invade the darkness with light, love, and family. Giving gifts and feasting all transform this day to a time of happiness and preparation.

Imolc - Faith. Early February there can be the tiny signs of life. If the sun peaks thru the groundhog can stir.

Ostara - Hope. Early buds on the trees. Early flowers. Ice melting and the days are lengthening.

Beltane - Joy! The last frost is gone. The ground is broken. Green fills the trees. The ducks have returned from their winter home.

Midsummer - Anticipation. The days are long. Crops are planted. Strawberries - the first fruits are picked and life is sweet.

Lammas - Satisfaction! The wheat is in. Bread is baking. The summer is hot. The rivers are refreshing!

Mabone - Relief. The heat is subsiding. Cool walks in the glade. The harvest is about done. Nuts and late fruit to gather. Planning for the fall.

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