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What I Learned From The Master Of Wiccan Studies C Rev. Tyler's final essay

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Posted 05 October 2005 - 03:16 PM

What I Learned from the Master of Wiccan Studies Course

One of the reasons I took this course was so I could forward the course emails to my work and consider them throughout the day. As I considered the topics, I found areas for further research to enhance my education. I did a lot of research based on the topics of the lessons. The course worked excellently for these purposes. During the past six months of this course I have been refining who I am and what I believe. The course has been a good focal point and since the lessons come each week, it keeps pushing me to move along.

From what I have been learning over the course of this program through outside reading, I believe what most practitioners of witchcraft, practice today as witchcraft is not very similar to the way it has been practiced for centuries up to the 1950’s, though it may be quite similar in spirit. Since the advent of wicca in the 1950’s, many authors have stated how to practice wiccan witchcraft. One must realize this is all newly created and as such perhaps one could say there is no true authority besides Gerald Gardner, who appears to be the creator of wicca.

Consider for a moment the Christian religion. It was developed almost 2000 years ago. It has a lot of history and now we can look at it and judge whether we believe a certain aspect of it follows Christian tradition. In the earliest days of it, when traditions were being established, there was no canonized bible and therefore people only had prayerful consideration when establishing traditions, as to whether a tradition should be continued and then considered to be Christian tradition.

Similarly, wiccans do not have recognized “holy scripture” and only have prayerful consideration when establishing wiccan tradition as to what way things should be done. Given that, anyone can call himself wiccan and publish writings on “wiccan tradition”, “wiccan spells”, or “wiccan belief”. Not that this is a bad thing, but many liberties can be taken when defining wicca and who is to say a particular aspect is not wiccan. So, I must consider what I read. Does it resonate with me? Do I feel I should be doing things the way the author recommends? If not, then I should not do what is recommended, even though it comes from a supposedly wiccan author. So, if I believe myself to be wiccan, I can publish my rituals, spells, and traditions and the work is just as valid as the other wiccan author’s publications, even though I have just established my wiccan traditions. Please consider this as you learn and grow. All wiccans are in the process of establishing the religion.

Wicca is about 50 years old at this time. I consider that to be the early days of this religion. I am interested to see how it develops and is accepted over the next 50 years. I am planning on living another 75 years, so seeing life in 50 years should be doable. A side note, you should plan as early as possible if you plan to have an unusually long life, definitely before the age of 35.

Those are some of the thoughts the course has stimulated in me. As for something more down to Earth, I learned new things about Metaphysical Energy. I enjoyed Lesson 8. I believe there is a lot to study about metaphysical energy and I am glad I had that fact brought to my consciousness. I realized you can use the elements, the moon, the sun, and the stars as energy sources. I like the fact that we were encouraged to feel what the energies feel like. I found this in other areas of the course as well. We were encouraged to feel.

In tying it all together, we need to feel if things are right for ourselves.

Rev. Tyler
I have been ordained through the Universal Life Church , and I post spiritual articles at ULC and at the Universal Life Church Seminary course listings. I'm also a martial artist and I teach Sacramento Martial Arts. I support the Universal Life Church Article Directory, and have blogs that contain ULC Seminary Essays and Wedding Ceremonies.

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Posted 02 November 2012 - 04:40 AM

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