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Comparative Religion 17

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Posted 08 July 2016 - 01:27 AM

Daka and Dakinis
"psychopomp" -- one who conducts the dead to the Underworld.
So these can be seen as goddesses, witches, angels, Kali’s consorts, tantric guides, locator and protectors of sacred items and texts, and bringers, good and bad, of karma.
There is a slight difference in the belief system of Buddhist schools. Tibetan has a definite belief in the more hindu aspects of the Buddha and bodhisattvas. They also have the angels, and demons, and contrive that Buddha can have both a male and female counterpart, such as the white or green tara, or blue Buddha.
The Dunhuang Grottoes near Dunhuang,where the hub of cultural exchanges took place between China and the West along the "Silk Road".
Buddhist cave art originated in India and spread to the Western Regions. The Sui caves at Dunhuang display an extravaganza that included not the flying figures alone: the musicians in Devapura also take on wings and are shown in circular flight around the caves.
All in all the caves seemed to be an intercultural fusion of history created in art form and to preserve at these caves to document and tell the stories of those who paved the way for Buddhism

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