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Comparative Religion 4

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Posted 30 March 2016 - 11:55 AM

I love seeing how many similarities there are in the world's differing religions when it comes down to the underlying ethical and moral principles. Most of us are brought up to remain ignorant of any differing culture or religious beliefs and refuse to be aware of how human each and every one of us are. While there are very decidedly opposing viewpoints we can still see that under all of the fa├žade is a basic human desire to do what is right, to be kind, and to live without creating suffering and pain to ourselves or to any other lives. We can hold on to that, and understand that different is not always wrong, or right, but instead decide to be the example of what we believe, then others will be more influenced to want to follow what we live.
Even in extreme opposing faiths such as western religion and eastern Buddhism, there are still teachings and stories that are so similar, the only difference is the cultural difference in the way they are told. A Publication from "The Wheel" magazine discusses the similarities in the story of Christ and the Story of the first known Buddha. It is interesting to see that while the two were vastly different in social status and culture, that the both were considered as a miraculous birth. Both had their future greatness prophesized, and both astonished the scholars by teaching them their great knowledge although still young children. The Christ and The Buddha were also both tempted by the devil before they begun their public teachings. Both also miraculously multiplied food to feed masses, and walked on water. There are several parables of similar teachings as well, such as the Prodigal Son, known as the Lotus of the Good Law. The basic "Golden Rule" holds the same principals as well even as very strong contrasts exist in the doctrine.
This is just one example of many from many religions that cross and flow into and away from each other by teachings and times and cultural significance. I think the real message here is tolerance, and acceptance of others where they are instead of where we think they should be.

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