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Comparative Religion Ch 1

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 10:53 AM

I found this to be a great start for a course in comparative religion. The list of material is (mostly) already on my shelves. I had a similar course in my Liberal Arts program.
I was raised strictly Southern Baptist on one side, and liberally Methodist in the other. Add attending catholic mass and eating breakfast with a priest each morning before school and I guess we can say that I had a very good foundation in religious diversity.
So there are books that I have had, but do not own, so will be adding them to my studies so I can be better equipped to relate regardless of beliefs.
The list of services in this very small town we moved to offer nothing I have never been to. And I already attend the Catholic Church here and the Buddhist monastery once or twice a week a couple of towns away from here. I’ve always tended to randomly grab my children when they were young to attend a church service that I may not understand, or simply find interesting. Simply because I saw an activity that was child friendly and welcoming. So my children went to camps, vacation bible schools, weekly dinner and baseball games, music programs, etc. And I volunteered to help out with any program that asked for it. So as adults now they are very diverse an open to those of differing beliefs as well.
I took the Belief O Matic and it listed me at 100% Unitarian. Which is amusing and probably correct. The Unitarian church was by far my favorite church to be involved with and I only stopped attending because we moved away. But the UU focus on community and outreach services to others is definitely on par with my own.
The other Belief O Matic only continued to take me to the same one I already took each time. So I may never know if I'm a sage or a philosopher or a heathen. Ok, I obviously did not get to take that one and guessed at the options. I did however, get directed to a movie premier for The Messiah this weekend that I'm happily going to. So it was a win.
Rev. Kelley

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