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Comparative Religion -Final Essay My Submission

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Posted 22 January 2015 - 01:43 AM

Final Essay - Master of Comparative Religion
Davin Raincloud - 22/01/2015

The thing I most took away from this wonderful course, is where we discussed the Golden Calf in the Old Testament and the facts around the differing and competing sects that wrote this story. That the outcome of the tale was influenced by political and power structures of the competing Priesthoods. In all my time studying religion that just blew my mind. Because Christianity rarely thinks critically about this stuff and just accepts it as “Gospel truth”. To me, knowing the truth doesn’t invalidate the morality discussion, it just makes me less accepting that all these events happened as written. Just looking at Fox News in the modern day is enough to realize what is reported is not the facts, but the spin.

What I liked best about the course was that towards the end, we discussed religious titles and the evolution of religion. This gives me a perspective on ‘religion’ overall that transcends sectarianism or culture. Things like discussing Monks that mainstream Protestants frown upon, makes me realize there has always been a different expression of religion outside of the extraverted proselyting of the Protestants.

I disliked the heavy focus on Christianity/Judaism. But that being said, I learned more about that aspect of the world than I would normally. So it’s a double edged sword. I think Christianity being the largest religion gets to define a lot of religious behavior in its own terms. What I’ve seen from Christianity is a lot of abuse of power, just like the course talks about when Popes would ex-communicate people at the drop of a hat. I think Islam formed out of the Christian model as well, so moving forward humanity has to improve how it behaves religiously and I don’t see Christians doing that on their own at this stage.

I think this course could be improved by shortening the weekly lessons, by maybe adding more weeks. Make it a 25 week course instead of 20. There was a lot of information and I found it hard to allocate time to absorb it. I think it uses the College Arts degree method of overwhelming you with reading, which is probably not appropriate in this venue.

I’m going to conclude this essay by talking about apostasy in the Neo-Pagan community, using thoughts I had after reading the course material. Apostasy and heresy always happens. There will always be reformers and innovators and rebels within a group. No one has a type of Papal authority within the Wiccan or Pagan community to denounce heretics and even if they did, the heretics will survive and move on. There are many people today on blogs like Tumblr who are attacking Wiccans who call themselves Wiccan without being initiated into a lineated group that can trace itself back to Gerald Gardner. This is, to put it bluntly nonsense and offensive. Wiccans have been self-dedicated and calling themselves Wiccans for 40-50 years now. Eclectic Wiccans are now the majority. This course has emboldened me to stop taking anti-factional rhetoric to heart. For this I am very grateful.
Courses Completed:
Master of Paganism
Master of Wiccan Studies
Master of Metaphysical Healing
Master of Metaphysics (Spirit Quest)
Master of Mystical Christianity
Dr. of Christian Studies (The Four Gospels)
Bachelor of Metaphysics
Bachelor of Shamanism
Master of Druidism
Master of Comparative Religion

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