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Dr Of Metaphysics - Final Essay My Essay

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Posted 14 January 2018 - 07:17 AM

Given the intense nature of ‘A course in Miracles’, I would definitely recommend people take the ULC Seminary’s ‘Dr of Metaphysics’ as an excellent introduction and primer. Essentially it is a course that gets you to work with your highest self and deity, in resolving all the deluded thoughts that keep you unhappy. There is one particular lesson on Miracles and Money that I want to add to. In general I am in agreement with the idea that you should take the spiritual approach to wealth. However, I think some of the concepts come from an author that lives in the USA. Not all of us live in the USA, and our external reality is not full of abundant money, and this is not an attitude problem that we have. But the concept of ‘wanting what we have’ is a good one. Being happy with what we have, and getting by can be very peaceful at times. Instead of constantly believing that we will become rich without some sort of effort.
Those of us that live in the developed world are faced constantly with an economic and political system that is corrupted in order to funnel most of the wealth up to a handful of people. This is very deliberate construction and it’s unfair, and the world needs to fight back. Yes, for the spiritual approach we should not be so focused on the bad, but we can’t allow an unequal system to keep being run by ‘criminals’ as well. It’s very hard not to veer into politics with this discussion, but it’s very clear one side of politics consistently sells its soul to the highest bidder and inequality keeps getting worse under the lie of ‘trickle down economics’. In the vein of the lessons, the ‘Trickle Down Economic’ lie was constructed by a criminal class who are all about ego and greed. Even having the audacity to marry their politics within mainstream Christianity, in order to hide their lack of morals.
Faith without works is dead. We must ensure that the wealth workers and consumers create are spread around equally in society, ensuring the basic health, shelter and food needs of its citizens, and restricting the abuse of the tax system by corporate elites. Then and only then can we have a true meritocracy. Because being spiritual about money, in a fixed, crooked and corrupt political/economic system is foolishness.
We were called upon to write an essay on something we may disagree with, and this is what stood out. Whilst the spiritual message is sound, we must also remember that a political system can be corrupted and needs change. We as Ministers of Religion are called upon to fight for a fair system and resist tyranny. The ULC is a church that values the independence of religion from the states interference. So that Liberty must motivate us to help keep a country’s economics fair. Only then can we begin to change our attitude to wealth. All should benefit from a healthy and wealthy community.
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