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Projection - Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Experts Of Life

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Posted 01 September 2010 - 04:47 PM

There has been an emerging trend where we find the use of psychic readings used for many more things beyond the realms of the usual remit. Now we are seeing more and more parts of society dipping their toes into the waters for a refreshing approach to any issue in their life. From the high powered business owner to the fresh faced youth just starting out on the career ladder, our spiritual support systems are available for all to link into.

The fact is that we are more of a “multi-level” creation that involves mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of life. All these aspects need to work and function in tandem to be in harmony.

We are composed of seven dissimilar energy “wheels” known as the “chakras” which need to rotate in balanced energy in order for us to feel great, positive and harmonious. The psyche has dark sides and also light inside us all, when we walk the path of life we must choose our side. A prosperous and blissful life can only occur when we have a control over our thoughts and emotions.

Most people only ever pay attention to their lower 3 chakras which are basic food and protection needs, procreation and power. When we cultivate all chakras we lead a better life. More heart, love and compassion would neutralise the need for war and violence. Many never discover their hearts or compassion all through their lives.

As there are uncounted numbers of spirits around in the universe, we are surely composed of spirits which exist around us, hence we are made up of energy, same kind of energy from the Cosmos.

Some would reason out that we do not need to be mindful of being spirit as we are having an earthly experience – Maria Duval disagrees as a more spiritual life will lead to peace, love and calm, the opening up of intuition and the higher self can only help lead to higher levels of existence when we realise we are part of god and a part of the wider cosmos with obligation to all.

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